February 14, 2009

GWC Podcast #151: BSG 4.5 No Exit

Welcome to BSG’s most revealing episode ever — No Exit! Highlights from our discussion: we try to wrap our minds around the newly-explained cylon family tree, marvel at the fact that there has in fact been a “cylon plan” all along (though it’s much more jacked-up then even grizzled BSG viewers might imagine), begin the who-or-what-is-Danny discussion, note the many Christian allegories in No Exit, psychoanalyze Cavil from his screwed-up childhood to his desire to torture Ellen (and apparently everyone else), debate the mind-frak of “meeting your maker,” sympathize with Starbuck’s tough decision, wonder if the Galactica-as-character fans will finally get their wish, and enjoy the appearance of brain-surgeon John Hodgeman and the return of the “swirl.”

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