January 19, 2009

GWC Podcast #146: Two Hours With Richard Hatch

Join us as we enjoy a two-hour discussion with Richard Hatch covering religion, philosophy, life, the business, and, of course, Battlestar Galactica.

10 Responses to "GWC Podcast #146: Two Hours With Richard Hatch"
  1. Paul says:

    I like the new Battlestar Galactica and the actors who play the characters, but to me Richard Hatch will always be the original APOLLO. Don’t you guys forget it.

  2. StrikitRich says:

    Richard Hatch really seems to be into the character, Tom Zarek; maybe just a little too much.

  3. mymatedave says:

    StrikitRich took the words out of my mouth. Richard, remember that you are an actor, you are not actually Tom Zarek. You only play him on TV.

  4. ChairSpread says:

    He may be juuuuuust a liiiiiiiittle too much into the character, but it’s kind of refreshing. I want to know more about this manga comic dealing with the Tom Zarek back story that he mentioned.

  5. Chris Yeh says:

    What an amazing podcast. I agree that Richard is almost painfully sincere and earnest, but a truly open and generous person.

  6. Pike says:

    Heh guys, listen to any actor talk about their character. They have to inhabit that role, so they tend to see everything from the character’s perspective. (As they should.)

    In RH’s case, he wrote a novel that sort of paralleled the events in Razor/Exodus Part II (I have to wonder if the writers were aware of that) so that is also coloring his vision of what’s going on.

  7. Jaz says:

    I loved this podcast! RH was so intelligent and had so many thought-provoking things to say. Thanks for letting it go on as long as it need to.

  8. Mikebotz! says:

    I totally enjoyed this podcast. RH was very insightful and definitely made me think about things from different angles. Nice work here GWC mixing it up with him. It was really fun to listen to…

  9. Anonymous Coward says:

    All I will say is that I love this guy, but in a tentative kind of way. He reminds me of one of my uncles: very talkative, a lot of intelligent things to say, but I would be annoyed to the extreme if he was trying to sell me on something.

    I’m glad he’s not a used car salesman. And yet… great guy. I’d relish the opportunity to sit down with him over a few glasses of wine and really have a dialogue that allowed both of us to pick eachother’s brains. Yeah… he seems like that kind of a guy.

    Thanks, Richard. As a listener, I really enjoyed and appreciated this and I hope you’re reading this comment.

  10. Bugs says:

    Awesome podcast with Richard Hatch. Really well done of you.

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