January 12, 2009

GWC Podcast #144

Today brings the final BSG season 4.5 ‘sode, #10 — and our final podcast before the season 4.5 premiere this Friday! Highlights: We ponder Gaeta’s racist swing, enjoy another great Racetrack “find,” feel bad for Tigh after Gaeta’s obvious mistrust, wonder what cylon technology might keep the fleet functioning, speculate one final time on the big questions to be (hopefully) answered in season 4.5, and make some last minute quarter bets.

4 Responses to "GWC Podcast #144"
  1. wilwilwil says:

    Can’t get the podcast to download 🙁

  2. Anonymous Coward says:

    Give me liberty, or give me death. Slavery vs Genocide: Is mass genocide preferable to mass enslavement, morally speaking?

    This is a possible question that the cyclon…


    might have asked themselves, and if so then they obviously would have come to the conclusion that it is better to wipe everyone out rather than enslave them all.

  3. Anonymous Coward says:

    …because having experienced slavery themselves, they were uniquely qualified to make that determination.

    However, morality is religiously imposed on the 7 models as a matter of practicality. So whatever entity or entities (titties!) asre responsible for the organization and planning among the cylon…


    seems to have morality in mind only out of logistical necessity.

    This brings me to the burning question: Who or what is god in reality as far as the BSG universe is concerned? Baltar’s experienced of having his beaten body physically lifted outside of his own will and control by some mysterious external force makes this question even more complicated. (did you miss that part? go watch it again!)

  4. ElvisLives says:

    I thought that Racetrack and Hoshi decided to return to the fleet, and they found Gatea’s raptor at the point where the fleet was before it jumped away in ‘Sode 1. I thought that BYBBQ8 did get the raptor back to the orginal ‘Sode 1 position. I could be wrong, but that made more sense to me than Racetrack finding the missing raptor with random jumps. Don’t get me wrong though, Racetrack totally rocks.

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