Why I Love Gaeta

Okay, so maybe it’s the sudden spark of love interest(s?) for Gaeta in the webisodes, or maybe that cute tiger tattoo has finally smitten me, but I’ve got to give some love to Felix Gaeta. First of all, the man is downright handsome. Sure, a teeny bit effeminate compared with the hunky Anders or the bulging-abbed Helo, but sexy nonetheless. Alessandro Juliani is of Italian and Chinese descent (sexy), is apparently known for his nice baritone voice in the halls of Montreal choirs (sexy) and, let’s face it, when he grows his hair out, it’s sexy.

Back when Do-Gooder Gaeta cocked up by interfering with election fraud that probably would have saved everyone a whole lot of misery, he wasn’t so attractive. You got this sense he’d rat on the deck hands for distilling booze in the storage closet. But after his heroic efforts on New Craprica, his ballsy defiance of the vigilantes when they tried to airlock him, his frak-off attitude afterward, and, yes, his little bit of scratchy facial hair, he became much hotter. His intentional lying at Baltar’s trial became a minor scratch in an otherwise increasingly cool character.

Now, I stick pretty closely to the webisodes’ official schedule and haven’t seen anything past webisode 5. So if Gaeta ends up being a scary sleeper skinjob or a psycho stump-legged killer, maybe we’ll reassess. But until then, I’m lovin’ this sweet, curly-haired, serenading, hobbling cutie.

Special thanks to cylune9 for the sweet Gaeta pic!

14 Responses to "Why I Love Gaeta"
  1. Wacko says:

    He didn’t just tattle on everyone’s voter fraud, he was reporting someone messing with the right man for the job, at least that’s what he thought he was doing.

    Now that he has officially “come out” I have all the proff I need to say he was in love with Baltar and thought he was the best thing since… Baltar.

    It’s tricky to bring it this real world, but what would you do if someone stopped Obama from winning the election over McCain because they knew things about his personality that you did not?

    I’ve always supported my boy Gaita, knew he was doing the right thing, I tellz yea!

  2. Old Timer says:

    NOBODY risked more than he did on New Caprica. And if his occsional “ends justifies the means” acts cross the line, the society of The Fleet provides a strong argument for conceding that on occasion they do. From what we have seen so far, he lives his personal life with a good deal more decorum and privacy (as in, it’s his “personal life”) – and likely success – than lots of others. And he is highly competent at his job.

    All in all he may be the most interesting non major. major character in the show.

    The singing … well as a self styled curmudgeon … I’d be OK with him saving that for while showering. Either that or I suggest more of a Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels approach. The Fleet could really use a hard rocking band about now – to relieve stress.

  3. Kappa says:

    I’ve always liked Gaeta and felt a bit sorry for him because he’s always trying so hard to do the right thing, and the “right thing” has a tendency to blow up in his face. But before the webisodes, it never dawned on me how cute he is. You’re right, he usually does get overshadowed by all the beefy beauty of the pilots, so it’s nice he’s getting a chance to shine in the webisodes. And, I admit I’ve got a bit of a thing for guys with curly hair, too. 🙂

  4. bkitty says:

    I have always dug me some Gaeta. He has always been the go-to brainy dude- hey he was thrown together with Baltar, and stressful situations can sometimes make all kinds of bedfellows. well. not exactly…

    He’s got his foibles, but I wouldn’t kick him- crackers be damned!

  5. Amber ~What The Crap?~ says:

    “I wouldn’t kick him”


    I’ll have to find a way to slip that into a conversation now.

  6. d034607 says:

    I am not so sure that he has ‘come out’…was it just me or did anyone else notice some hesitation in the 1st of this series of webisodes when the guy kissed him? He seemed to have more enthusiasm for Grace Park. At first I thought he came out, but his expression made me pause.

  7. lls_mutant says:

    Must agree completely 🙂 Gaeta is actually my favorite character, and horribly underestimated. I’m really looking forward to where his arc goes. He’s a very real character to me (and a complete geek, which amuses me to no end), and the moment he pulls the gun on Baltar in Season 3 is just when he jumps out of the background.

    (BTW- it is Racetrack in the webisodes. Says so in the credits if you scroll down. 🙂 )

  8. cYNIIX says:

    So I’m not the only one who thinks he just might be the final Cylon. This dude has his fingers in just about everything. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see where Ron Mores Dart landed on the dart board.

  9. Pike says:

    Of course it’s Racetrak. You wanna find something, whom do you send?

  10. Hybrid Master says:

    Like grammy used to say……I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers….

  11. Audra says:

    You know what’s interesting is that in a culture where adult sexual relationships aren’t judged by gender, as appears to be the case in BSG, there’s really no “coming out” to do. Gaeta simply moved from one relationship to another (again, as far as I can tell from the webisodes up through #6).

    Of course, if he does find himself attracted to men, that’s not proof that he had anything for or with Baltar. Personally, I’d hope Gaeta would have better taste. 🙂

  12. falafel says:

    The Gaeta pic used in this article was made my friend, cylune9. She’s made a great selection of Gaeta icons. Check them out!

    Felix Gaeta has been my favourite character since Exodus/Collaborators. I’m a sucker for unappreciated heroes. I feel Alessandro has really fought for this character and created so many layers of depth for him.

    Gaeta really has so many facets now. He’s a whizkid, he’s a navigator, he’s a hero, he’s an idealist, he’s a spy, he’s a rebel, he’s a bisexual, he’s an amputee, he’s a morpha junkie, he’s slowly going stir crazy…and he can really frakking sing! Could he be a cylon too? Personally, I find him more interesting and moving as a human being.

    And yes…the curls are so very very pretty.

  13. Audra says:

    Falafel, thanks for posting! I’ll edit to post credit for the pic. – Audra

  14. ferris says:

    Too late to warm up to Felix… he already has someone.

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