Alpaca-Fleece Hats For Cancer Patients

One alpaca breeding group gathers each year to create fleece hats and socks which they donate to cancer patients. Thanks to this enterprising (if somewhat slow-speaking) iReporter who turned in the story to CNN.

Unusual Type of Holiday Generosity [CNN]

6 Responses to "Alpaca-Fleece Hats For Cancer Patients"
  1. Audra says:

    That is really neat… I thought it was cool seeing all the volunteers, young and old, washing the fleece and preparing it for making hats. 🙂

  2. Mr. Lister, Sir says:

    That is awesome. I want a Jayne Alpaca hat now to go with my normal Jayne hat. Also that dude was rocking an awesome beard.

  3. Pike says:

    An alpaca cunning hat? *headsplode*

  4. Todd says:

    It’s awesome that they do that, but somehow I don’t think soldiers in Iraq need Alpaca socks to keep their feet warm!!! LOL

  5. Audra says:

    I don’t know, Chuck’s buddy who is in the army said it can get surprisingly cold in the desert at night.

  6. Todd says:

    Yeah, you’re right Audra, a friend of mine told me the same thing! Who woulda thunk it?

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