Five Reasons The GWC Community Is Awesome

If any of you visiting this site have only enjoyed the podcast to date, please hear this: the podcast we do every week is far eclipsed by the beyond-awesome GWC community. Really. I'm not kidding here. So to encourage you to check out the forum and its wonderful, ne'er-a-better-group-of-people-exist crew, I've rounded up five reasons they continually blow me away with their all-round cool:

5. Community Frak Parties

We started doing frak parties back with Zack Exley founded his now-defunct leading up to the season three BSG premiere. But we didn't stop there. We frakked our way clean through a full re-watch of BSG through the long pre-season four hiatus, and we've been frakking on into Star Wars and a ton of other sci-fi (and just plain fun) flicks since.

But that's not the half of it: the GWC community also organizes their own frak parties for anything and everything, and these parties are well attended. This means that pretty much any night of the week you can hop on the forum and watch something fun with some friendly and (possibly) like-minded (but always entertaining) GWCers. How cool is that?

4. The (Un)Official Introduction Thread

Wonder what kind of people GWCers are? Check out this thread. Founded just after the forum a year and change ago, this community-maintained thread serves as most people's first stop in GWCdom. Here you'll find dozens of introductions and hundreds of welcome responses. If you're in doubt that this is a welcoming commmunity, a quick visit her will assure you.

3. The Questions-Only Game

Next to Twitter, long-time GWCer EmilyFromOhio's Questions-Only Game is easily one of the most fun ways to express one's self in few words. Think of it as Haiku for geeks. It's fun, and that's why it's one of the most popular threads on the forum. Topics range from the absurd to the sincere, but one thing's certain: you'll always find new posts here -- every day.

2. The B_tch & Moan Thread / Cool Craaaaaap Thread

These threads founded at similar times, and according to the (un)official rules GWCers try to make a habit of posting equally in each thread. But you'll note that even the B&M thread doesn't take much of a negative tone. Crazy, that.

1. Themed Avatars

Ever since we began filling the pre-4.5 break with other sci-fi, GWCers have taken to customizing their avatars for each arc. Almost everyone has a good time with this, but Pike's are some of my faves. In order of BSG, Matrix, Terminator, and Back to the Future:

0. It's The Friendliest Place In Geekdom(tm)

In honor of our recent I, Robot re-watch, I'll add this: I'd love to link you to a couple of posts to prove to you how incredibly cool, relaxed, insightful, and generally awesome GWCers are, but I have no idea where to start because there are so many. We're varied in background, belief, opinion, and geography, but we share one thing in common: we're decent people who enjoy each other's company. If that sounds like you, why not click the "forum" tab above and join the fun?

6 Responses to "Five Reasons The GWC Community Is Awesome"
  1. Pike says:

    Shhhh! You’ll wake the trolls!

  2. Solai says:

    So say we all.

  3. NothingButheRain says:

    I so love GWC. A love the forum, I love the podcasts, I love Chuck, Audra and Sean. You are beyond awesome. And Solai, ditto:


  4. Armando says:

    Man, I must not be doing my job! Gotta start cracking some heads now.

  5. GalaxyRanger says:

    If this had been a top ten list, the Gutter would have been included, I hope!

  6. "Splatterson" says:

    Awwwww, Chuck, you’re going to make us all blush! 🙂

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