October 26, 2008

GWC Podcast #123

It’s a wrap on the Back to the Future arc as we have a great time with the BttF III. Highlights: we all reminisce about seeing BttF III in the theater, note that Sean would immediately seek out the founder of Dr. Pepper in 1885, love that the first thing Doc does in 1885 is build a breakfast machine, discuss Doc’s sense of wonder and how it serves him well throughout time (and enjoy seeing him find his soulmate), hear Audra’s history of underwear (in lieu of a non-existant junk report), speculate that Doc may have made more than a few trips in the DeLorean during the end of the first movie, listen to a Manchester caller’s awesome theory of how the time train came to be, hear Chuck’s theory of multiple S-word family entertainment, and wish there was even more BttF. Join us next week for our Halloween Shaun of the Dead re-watch. Plus, if you have time, call in before noon Thursday and share your best Halloween costume story for inclusion in next week’s cast!

2 Responses to "GWC Podcast #123"
  1. John Phillips says:

    I was surprised on how little you talked about the actress change for Jennifer. Especially since it was Elizabeth Shue who was the replacement. Also, again not mentioned during the BTF2 podcast was they have a TV that can show many channels, a blind that can show any enviroment a rehydrator and video calls and they STILL HAD FAX MACHINES!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me?

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