Uncomfortable Places/Comforting Flicks

The Terminator arc is happening, and it's going quite well. Having not seen T1 in a long time, I was still prepared to enjoy the hell out of it -- even if its ancient effects would distract. (20 is like 200 in VFX years.) But it turns out that the only part that I even noticed as slightly dated was the stop-motion movement of the pure-machine Terminator at the very end of the flick. And even that wasn't bad. So here you have it: a 20+ year old sci-fi movie that still watches like one made a few years ago.

I mentioned in the last podcast my concern that there might be some, um, simpler solutions to the can't-bring-future-guns back problem involving storing said weapons in uncomfortable places. (Yes, like in the back seat of a Volkswagen.) It turns out I'm not the only one with this idea. Forum newcomer BrokenCosmos passed on some even uglier solutions developed by the machines.

And speaking of Kevin Smith, are any of you planning to catch Zack and Miri Make A Porno this Halloween? I was going to give it a pass or catch it later on DVD -- cheapass that I am -- but I saw Smith's blog post today about his experiences at the Toronto Film Festival and followed a few links to a trailer. Damn this movie looks funny. I'll be there opening day. Why did I doubt? Kevin Smith + Seth Rogen = well, you get the idea.

Sean, Audra, and I had a killer discussion about '80s flicks just before we turned the mics on for GWC #117 -- about 20 minutes late, by the way, because the discussion was just that good. It started with Sean and I disputing which Porsche Gary drives in Weird Science. (It's a 928, just like the one in Risky Business.) This led to me bemoaning the fact that everyone says "like the one in Risky Business!" when they see my beater daily-driver 944S2. And this led us to recall that a 944 appeared in Sixteen Candles, giving me the perfect comeback: "No, like the one from Sixteen Candles." That'll stump 'em.

Anyway, you can imagine what happened next. (No, he didn't fix the plumbing.) We spent a good half-hour bumbling down every person our age's alternate memory lane: John Hughes movies. Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Pretty In Pink, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off come immediately to mind, but don't forget National Lampoon's Vacation and Christmas Vacation, Uncle Buck, and even Mr. Mom. Cusack's early work falls in there, too, specifically Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer.

It's at times like these that I sometimes wish GWC wasn't solely sci-fi/fantasy/comic-based. Wouldn't an '80s flick arc be awesome? How 'bout a Kevin Smith arc? But there's a problem: while the hardcore GWCers here and on the forum would most definitely stick around, would the thousands of others that listen but don't participate otherwise? Or would such an expansion of focus draw even more listeners?

That's a question that we have yet to answer. My initial thoughts: we podcast best when we podcast what we love. Maybe that should be our guide.

15 Responses to "Uncomfortable Places/Comforting Flicks"
  1. mymatedave says:

    Hell, I’d be willing to listen those ‘casts, especially the Kevin Smith ones. Also, your podcast discussions have led me to investigate a whole range of 80’s movies that I was too young to appreciate at the time.

  2. FireBreathingChicken says:

    If we had issues with a podcast staying on topic do you think we’d still be here?


  3. greenstarship says:

    Agreed with the others. I’d love a Kevin Smith arc or wherever you’d like to take the show. Your discussions are peppered with references and ideas to all kinds of tv and movies I enjoy, not just scifi, and I wouldn’t mind spending some more time on them.

    Thanks for the show and keep podcasting what you love.

  4. Whereis Vim says:

    I think you podcast whatever you want. It’s not as if you guys haven’t had the propensity to meander through several different topics even in a ‘cast that’s about a specific BSG episode. I like the diversions anyway….

  5. Michael says:

    I think that, as Battlestar comes to an end, those of us who have been with you from the start will def stick around for our weekly dose of conversation from the three of you. I can only speak for myself but I don’t just listen to the cast because it’s a “sci-fi” podcast, I listen to it because I enjoy hearing your take on some of the stuff I like, be it the Matrix, Terminator or Transformers. When you first started, I did listen because of the BSG aspect, but then it just started to take off and grow into something bigger and wider in scope than just that. Now I listen as much for the feeling of being connected to other like minded people out there as I do for anything else. I know I personally love the john hughes movies in the 80’s, and I am a die hard Kevin Smith fan from ’92, so whatever you want to talk about, ramble on about or comment on, I, for one, will be here to take it all in.

  6. DawnAZ says:

    I’d listen to you guys discuss the alphabet. I stopped coming here for Sci-Fi a long time ago, it’s all about hanging out with people who make me laugh and think and try new things.

    I think an 80’s arc would be great because we do have a lot of young (under thirty) folks and they might get a new take on some of these films and how they affected those of us who were teens when they came out. The Breakfast Club is The Big Chill for us GenXers.

    Anyway, if you talk about it, I will listen.

  7. Tom says:

    It is a sin not to have included “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” in a list of 80’s teenage angst movies, if you haven’t seen it, check it out.
    (it’s just like transformers).

  8. RedFive says:

    I agree with the others. There are only 10 original episodes left. I would like to continue to hearing your take on other scifi or pop-culture media. I have only started listening recently, but have began to delve into your earlier podcasts.

    I have enjoyed your conversations on BSG and the current arcs (star wars, matrix and the terminator). I find that even though we don’t all watch / read the same things you all do I like to hear about things that I may be interested in. Many “geeks” have similar likes and just being exposed to new ideas can open a whole new world to explore.

    Keep on castin’ GWC. You are all the coolest. My wife looks at me funny when I am laughing out loud while listening to a podcast, I can’t help it. Keep up the good work. I’ll continue to listen as long as you podcast.

  9. Mr. Lister, Sir says:

    I for one love hearing your sultry voices. I would listen to you discuss the finer parts of Kibble. However. Those movies you mentioned are geek related. Especially anything Kevin Smith does. And the 80’s movies almost always had a lovable geek in them. So go ahead and do what you wish. You have my permission. I wont call you a smeg head.

  10. bkitty says:

    By all means- FOLLOW YOUR HEARTS!!! We will listen. Why? Cuz it’s FUN!

    We will roll with you till the wheels fall off!

    Do what you love.

  11. Tesseract says:

    ..Might be the perfect time to branch out into the DTAs. 😉

    Personally, I will personally follow you guys and listen in. Even if it means listening to you talk about the 80’s.. the decade when I was still in grade school. Why? Because you guys make everything so damn interesting.

  12. TighFighter says:

    I’m favor of an 80s arc. I grew up on 80s flicks like the Hughes classics. As for Kevin Smith I see no problem if you are sticking to the Sci-fi theme, There is plenty of Sci-fi/geek culture crossover to justify an arc. I saw the Zack amd Mirii Trailer as well. Two words…. STAR WHORES I’m so there opening day!!!

  13. GalaxyRanger says:

    I haven’t been around much last week for reasons of moving and first real job starting, but yeah, go ahead and do 80s movies, several in one podcast maybe? I’d be totally up for that. As long it’s not comedy-exclusive and we also include the whole breadth of 80s genres: scifi B-movies, bad horror movies, campy-kitschy romance movies (Pretty Woman anyone? Officer and Gentleman?), Simpson/Bruckheimer movies (Yes, I mean Top Gun, what else)!

  14. legion says:

    Podcast what you love, Chuck, Audra and Sean.

    Of course, it makes sense to try and find podcast worthy things that you love, that other people love also. I love brocolli, but I’m quite sure no one wants me to podcast about that.

    If you three hadn’t genuinely loved BSG, I’ll wager that no one would be listening. But the passion is obvious when you guys have a topic you’re interested in.
    Perhaps the audience will shrink a bit if you do a Kevin Smith arc (I’ll be listening, however). But I’ll wager that arcs with no passion will kill things off faster than anything else.

    Although I’ve never met you, and likely never will, I consider you all my friends. and I like hearing what my friends are interested in. Heck, I never thought I’d care about Firefly until you guys kept going on and on about it. I bought the DVDs and movie and loved every minute of it. I’m all on board with hearing about stuff I might not know about, but which you folk think are worth recommending.

    My $0.03.

  15. LisaMarie514 says:

    While I lookforward to a new episode of BSG, I know that it brings us closer to the end of the series and I really don’t want the Watercooler Podcasts to stop. I am a lurker of sorts, checking out the boards and following conversations, but rarely jumping in, but it doesn’t mean I don’t care.

    Now I am not a stalker by nature, I am a Connecticut preppy, I might feel the need to stalk you guys to continue posting something. So ultimately my vote is you guys should podcast whatever the heck (sorry Barb) you want to talk about on a given week.

    Galactica Watercooler will have a life after the last episode is aired…I hope.

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