August 16, 2008

GWC Podcast #113

Time to dive into the Matrix with the GWC crew! Highlights: we take a few last-minute Star Wars calls, discuss the “reality” of the Matrix, learn that Chuck (and a caller) would totally throw humanity under the bus for a good steak, marvel at Matrix cookies that crisp instantly without turning into hockey pucks, recognize that PVC can indeed be sexier than nudity, debate whether Neo is specifically the one (or just the one who took the job), enjoy the film’s techno soundtrack goodness, and compare the marble lobby security guards to the Death Star’s independent contractors.

3 Responses to "GWC Podcast #113"
  1. ExodusCrusade says:

    definitely a cool series, although i never noticed the leather as much as i did, i just figured they liked leather. you guys are still doing a great job

  2. Pike says:

    Yeah, I have to say I didn’t see that as unusual in itself (prolly ’cause the movie starts off with catsuited Trinity, so that sets the tone.)

  3. Amy in Chicago says:

    So here’s something I never realized before this rewatch – The Matrix is set in Chicago. Not the movie, but the Matrix within the movie. You know what I mean. Chicago! Even though it’s clearly Sydney (you can even see the Harbour Bridge in the background of the final shot before Neo goes flying away), it’s still pretty cool. I’ve added the other two movies and the Animatrix to my netflix queue, so I’ll be watching right along with you!

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