August 2, 2008

GWC Podcast #111

With this week’s feature, Return of the Jedi, we near the end of our GWC Star Wars podcast arc. Highlights: we marvel at Leia’s distinct memory of her mother’s beauty during the two minutes they both lived, questioned the Jedi “from some point of view” approach to truth, skeeved out at Palpatine the perv, discussed Jedi the musical, heard Audra’s Jedi-era hair analysis, and wend our way through tales involving generic baggers and Salma Hayek. We didn’t get to calls again this week, but don’t despair: next week’s podcast will be a call-only show wrapping up the Star Wars arc!

6 Responses to "GWC Podcast #111"
  1. John Phillips says:

    The music heard in Jabba’s palace (Special Edition), SUCKED! But on the flip-side the new music for the ending is great. Also there is a continuity error with the films now. In Jedi, LUKE: Come with me. VADER: Obi-Wan once thought like you. In Sith, it’s Padme who who says this. I guess GL overlooks his sometimes lousy dialogue.

  2. TighFighter says:

    Did the gutter flood the forum again?

    Can’t login.

  3. Pike says:

    Looks to be a hosting issue. This seems to happen every couple months.

  4. Default Prophet says:

    And you thought you were ready to lead Pike. Shame, Shame

  5. Pike says:

    I’m just leading in a different direction…

  6. storyknife says:

    About the droids (I know, I’m late to comment on this, sorry) —

    They are Lucas’s metaphor for slavery, although maybe not so much with the metaphor. The droids are property, they are chattel, they do what they’re told, and they get their memories wiped whenever their owner/master says they have to. Why would the ruling class take any notice of them? They are owned, body, but it turns out, not and soul.

    Which is the empire’s downfall. The rebellion is in part a slave rebellion, and of course the slaves are going to be on the side that treats them decently. Artoo gets the Deathstar plans to Obi-wan in Hope, he gets the light saber to Luke during the breakout in Jedi, Threepio’s enlisting of the Ewoks makes it possible for them to win the battle of Endor and destroy the second Death Star and break the Empire’s back.

    Neither the Emperor nor Vader gave droids a second thought, and the droids were their downfall. Luke and the gang couldn’t have won without them.

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