July 7, 2008

GWC Podcast #107

In our second Star Wars arc podcast we take on Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Highlights: we debate the wrongness of Anakin’s Tusken slaughter, question Qui-Gon’s/Obi-Wan’s parenting skills, wonder why the Republic allows “temporary replacement senators,” discuss the downsides of Sith apprenticeship, hunt for female Jedi, and again marvel at Palpatine’s masterful manipulative skills.

2 Responses to "GWC Podcast #107"
  1. bkitty says:

    Wahoo! The new phonebook’s here! Yip, yipee!

  2. Kevin says:

    guys, guys.. i just LURVE your show…. ok, first i’ll ‘fess up… I listened to RDM’s podcasts RELIGIOUSLY… TWICE… make it IN PUBLIC even.. then when i ran out of shows, i was surfin’ around until i bumped into you guys.. i didn’t really get much of an impression at first but it grows on you.. you guys keep me company while i go about the drudgery of office work…

    intially i was a little “blur” (to use the singaporean expression) when you guys kept mentioning “chuck” and “zack”, i thought you were talking about the show “Chuck”..

    i’m still at only episode 26… today was a slow day; i only liestened to 3 episodes.. but here’s some thoughts i’m dying to share :

    1) there’s a writing software called “dramatica” which i use; in dramatica theory they have this thing called a “chessboard” which charts out all the character relationships. I’m acutely aware of RDM’s writing language in BSG, in that there are checks & balances between humans and cylon.

    one of you guys posited that Baltar & Helo are counterpoints; well this is apparent from the script itself. right from the miniseries, Baltar & Helo swapped places in more ways than one. In “The Woman, King”, Tigh even snickered that Helo loves to be “on the outside, looking in”.

    1a) No. 3 & Head 6 consistently refer themselves as CYLON> (cybernetic lifeform node). The humans say cylonS just to annoy the heck out of them, just like when they use the expressions ‘toasters’.

    2) The RDM hears all. I vaguely remember him mentioning Galactica Watercooler once. Were you guys at the frak party with him for the season 3 finale?

    3) I just L-U-R-V-E your pseudo southern accents. You guys should pick an episode, any episode, download the transcript, and spoof the heck out of it with your southern accents y’all. I’d love to hear you guys make jabs at Bush & Jebediah, Uhnold, the sheep noise, the centurion noise, brother cavil, hotdog’s HOTDOG, Helo’s BONER..i mean bonehead, yoda (?), et al.

    You guys have to right to spoof. And if you can’t afford (the time) for a transcript; one will be given to you.

    I’d like to recommend that you include our friends skynecks…erm i mean Skynext, from the Sarah Connor Chronicles camp (http://www.skynextpodcast.com/) who are actually from the south. They’re charming agathons (what’s that greek word for “gentlemen” again?)

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