June 21, 2008

GWC Podcast #105

We spend this ‘cast taking listener calls, wrapping up Revelations — with our usual diversions. Highlights: we discuss the ramifications of three’s “four cylons” in the fleet comment,talk “harbinger” definitions(andStarbuck’s roleas such), discover thatwe weren’t alone in looking for the famous lady of liberty (“Youblew it up! Damn you all to hell!”), begin the year-long analysis of the final scene, crack wise about the“other” Cylon fleet’s sausage-fest,plus talk screened-off fat-boy dance floors for Chuck and pec-mounted microphones. Thanks for all the wonderful calls this week!

16 Responses to "GWC Podcast #105"
  1. Eyeless says:

    For some reason it’s only 38:08 long. >_

  2. Chuck says:

    For those of you having trouble getting the full 121:35 cast, try re-loading the cast via iTunes and you should get the full 55.7 MB file. Apparently iTunes and others got happy and grabbed the file before it was completely updated — then cached it. I changed the name slightly and everyone seems to have corrected.

    As a worst-case, if you can’t get the full version any other way, you can always download it directly from the blog post — it’s now definitely the correct version.

  3. Eyeless says:


  4. jp says:

    Hey kids, I was just at at a Cylon church bbq with Lt. Daniel “Bulldog” Novacek. He says he’s not the final Cylon, but he’s always been a liar.

  5. Pike says:

    I’m getting the full version from iTunes now.

  6. John says:

    Regarding the Final Scene:

    As Audra knows, when reading literature we can look for things in opposition. So, first there is a scene of great exuberance and noise, then the final scene of shocked despair and near total silence. Also, as a moment of great anguish people seek consolation and strength from those they love, hence the scene has all “the couples” (though I am surprised that Caprica Six had been freed from the brig). A wonderful moving, and powerful dichotomy, I think. Oh, and the near total grayness of the scene, all was either gray or black if I recall correctly. Great stuff.
    And Tori and Six were literally “reaching out” to another. It seems to me that although BSG puts some effort to break sexual stereotypes, they still sometimes fall back on these stereotypes. The one Cylon we nearly never see is black (i.e. the token), the females reach out to the men in the final scene, the women are more nurturing to their babies, the female Cylons are all perfect and beautiful (as the best infiltrators always are), the “strong black woman” as Audra pointed out, etc. On another note, when did the chief begin working again on the flight deck?
    Comments on these ideas or any from my posts on Podcast 104 anyone? I would love to hear from somebody.

  7. Fraidnot says:

    What’s with all this Erf stuff? Remember when season 3 ended, and even after they said “We’re Cylons!” the GWC crew kept saying they didn’t believe it. Now again, there’s this same denial. It’s not every week that the Bsg drops a reveal, but when they do there’s this sort of back lash. It is Earth, not everything is a lie. Sure, being in a constant state of questioning the show and never getting answers might put you into shock when you finally do get an answer, but you need to move on through this denial and on to the another stage of grief, like Despair, which is a fantastic one to sit on until we get more episodes.

  8. renzo says:

    “… the fifth Cylon will be discovered on ‘erf’ … it’s Lorne Green!”

    renzo from San Juan, Puerto Rico

  9. StrikitRich says:

    The whole episode didn’t automatically download, I had to go to the iTunes store to get it. No problems.

    Had some comments, but I’d better listen to the whole netcast before I make them in case I’m repeating something.

  10. Jesse says:

    Haven’t gotten around to listening to the ‘cast yet, maybe tonight… was wondering what our beloved GWC crew will be doing for the next few months, now that we know there will be no new content ’til 2009. Will you still ‘cast? Do re-watches? Inquiring minds wanna know !

  11. Chuck says:

    Jesse: You’ll still get a GWC ‘cast every week — long after BSG is gone. Starting this week we’re beginning a series of “podcast arcs” on various other sci-fi/fantasy/comic universes. There’s lots of information about it over on the forum, and you can even tip in your own suggestions for arcs here.

  12. podakayne says:

    regarding roz being alive and on erf…didn’t the proIF-see say “a dying leader will lead you to earth” didn’t say she was Moses and never step foot on it. Please correct me if i’m wrong…She’s still dying right!

  13. hard binger says:

    renzo was surely joking about Lorne Green, but it got me thinking…
    There has recently been a re-imagining of “Planet of the Apes” (I can’t imagine the writers drawing inspiration from that) in which there was a great juxtaposition having Charlton Heston play an ape with a deep hatred for humans.
    I think the 5th Cylon will be Tom Zarek. He was a stoic defender of the human race in the original, which would make for an iron twist, and all he has ever done was for political positioning. He has the potential for a type of conversion that would make Tori’s pale in comparison. Of course he won’t be in favor of the alliance.

  14. Tory says:

    Hey Guys,

    Loved the show, I was just wondering if you didn’t take my call because my name is Tory? Hummm.. .

    -Take care guys

  15. Jeff says:

    the prophecy says that starbuck will lead them to their end, not their death. Most likely it will be the “end” of the journey.

  16. Ceridwyn2 says:

    I’m on vacation and *finally* caught up on GWC podcasts. It’s rather late to post a voicemail on the issue so I figured I’d post a text one. 🙂

    Anyway, I was listening to GWC #104 & 105 today with regards to the humourous discussion about Tigh and his missing eye, and making comparisons to “Babylon 5’s” G’Kar. Reminded off one scene where G’Kar and Londo are sitting and talking. G’Kar has is patch on instead of his ‘implanted tech’ eye. Londo looks over and slyly asks G’Kar where his eye was…which was recording data from Sheridan and Delenn’s bedroom.

    So, where is Tigh’s eye that the Cylons removed? 🙂

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