Jane Espenson Tells All — Sort Of

Jane Espenson, best known for her work on Buffy, Firefly and Angel has taken a producing and writing role in the fourth and final season of Battlestar Galactica. In a recent interview with TV Squad she shared her thoughts and feelings on the last episode:

"When we screened this episode at Ron's house, months ago, we all sat stunned, and then agreed it was perhaps the best the show had ever produced. And seeing it Wednesday and again Friday night with fans in attendance bore that out... every time the blue clouded planet was revealed, I could hear the inhales of hope, despite the lack of indication of any continents -- and I knew we were about to break some hearts. But, I hope, they only broke like mine did."

The full interview can be found here.

(Thanks, RavenU, for the great CC-licensed photo.)

6 Responses to "Jane Espenson Tells All — Sort Of"
  1. Stroogie says:

    – “that haunting devastated city there, with the massive ruined temple and our people trying to find their footing in a strange dead city I did not recognize…”
    – “every time the blue clouded planet was revealed, I could hear the inhales of hope, despite the lack of indication of any continents…”
    Pike may be on to something (but I hope not).

  2. Woeful says:

    I loved this episode, it’s certainly the best one from a season that looks like an entirely different show than the one I know and love. What gives with the next episode airing in 2009 though? When all is said and done, this four season series is going to have run for years longer than four years.. From pilot to finale – Why? What are they trying to accomplish by doing this? All it’s doing is pissing a lot of the die hard fans I know off. Good grief! I can only imagine that this means we will be getting the DVDs sometime in 2010.

    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want Galactica to end… But stringing it out like this is just slow torture.

  3. Woeful says:

    … Just posting to rectify the erroneous blog link I inadvertently posted above.

  4. Dave says:

    Considering she worked on Buffy, Firefly adn Angel – this coming 4.5 season should be even awesomer

    …Yes..thats a word!!


  5. TheFifth says:

    It disgusts me they have the nerve to call that the 4th season finale. I refuse to acknowledge the last 1/2 of season 4 as a whole 5th season.

  6. Woeful says:

    I did read that they plan at least one TV movie during the interim. I was hoping they would do something like this…

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