It’s Galactica Time: Your Party Guide to “The Hub”

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It’s Friday night during Galactica season, which means new BSG and frak parties galore. Regardless of how you’re planning to watch, be sure to choose the correct frak party for your viewing time zone to avoid spoilers:

  • Here’s the party for those of you watching via SciFi’s “streaming preview.”
  • Here’s the party for everyone watching the show at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT tonight. The thread’s open, so feel free to get in the mood there (sans spoilers, of course).
  • And here’s the party for those of you out on the West coast catching the PT broadcast.

And, of course, you’ve still got a little bit to slip in a last-minute call under the wire for tonight’s podcast by calling us at 214-296-9229. See you on the parties tonight!

7 Responses to "It’s Galactica Time: Your Party Guide to “The Hub”"
  1. Billofal says:

    I can hardly wait to see D’Anna’s return. There’s going to be a smack down in skeevy town!!!

  2. Steviespin says:

    where’s the podcast!



  3. podakayne says:

    luved this episode…still so many questions

    is boomer really gone now
    is d’anna just a frakkin crak up …luv her character “you know about the final five….” PSYCH!!!
    that was priceless!

    roz loosing it with the hybrid…loosing it with baltar after confession then trying tosave him!

    and baltar…he just cant help himself…messing with the centurion “you’re on the bottom, my friend” …oh that was hill-frakkin-larry-Us!

    luv helo Mr. trueblue to Athena and the athena-wannabe.

    some great explosions and FX’s in this one too….glad adama & the roz got together and head elosha remined her “to love” i think that’s all that was about.

    now if we can just get adama to say it!


    ps. perhaps one day i’ll call in …props to you all!

  4. podakayne says:

    OH and i can not, repeat …cannot wait til Tory gets Chiefed! it’s gotta happen! maybe next episode…horay for cylon/cylon procreation as long as you can get a head human to complete the process!

  5. Chuck says:

    I’m sorry that for whatever reason comments became disabled on this thread. Our bad! They’re enabled again.

  6. Greggo the Vangosian says:

    Just listened to the newest podcast. Have to agree with Audra’s comment about the picture above–I was SURE it was Lee Adama! It was only after listening to Audra the Wise that I “saw” Zena.

  7. jp 吉平 says:

    can i say i am hearing a lot of speculation about what the principals are doing on a planet in the promo for next week.

    Remember, our characters are a bunch of projectors. Anything they show on the promo may well be scenes from somebody’s head….

    And another thing … I am a Cylon.

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