Glimfeather’s GWC #100 Tribute Video

I really apologize for taking so long to post this to the blog — it’s been in the forums for some time. GWCer Glimfeather put this wonderful video together in celebration of GWC Podcast #100 — and it’s warmed the hearts of everyone in the community.Thanks so much, Glim, for taking the time to make us all feel special!

8 Responses to "Glimfeather’s GWC #100 Tribute Video"
  1. Pike says:

    I like that I live in space.

  2. missmuffet says:

    I got a little misty eyed watching that. Good job Glimfeather!!

  3. Sean O'Hara says:

    Yeah, I get a little misty eyed whenever I see it as well. Makes me proud to be a part.

  4. SpinnyShip says:

    dude, that was awesome! I expecially liked the counting part including the final five.

  5. bkitty says:


    Glim makes the front page! Woohoo!

  6. bkitty says:


    Glim makes the front page! Woohoo!

    (does the Peewee Herman dance again, complete with chicken-neck!)

    It’s yer berthday, you know it, uh-huh…

    OOOOOHHH YEEEAAAAHHH! bomp-bomp! chikkah-chikkaahhhhh!

  7. Dave says:

    GREAT JOB, MAN!! Well done indeed

  8. dxf says:


    Dream team:

    Glim’s video skills + David’s lyrics + EmilyFromOhio on vocals

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