BSG Weekly Presidential Approval Poll: June 5, 2008 (Sine Qua Non)


Here’s the new weekly presidential approval poll. Remember — even if you voted last week, you’ll want to vote again on this poll as this is a weekly feature and the results will vary from week to week. Let your opinion be heard (for free)!

Remember: This approval poll applies to last week’s BSG episode, which means you should be voting for your feelings regarding “Sine Qua Non.”


12 Responses to "BSG Weekly Presidential Approval Poll: June 5, 2008 (Sine Qua Non)"
  1. Mike P says:

    I think it is totally *wrong* that Zarek is being forced to abdicate the presidency to Lee. I think Lee will be a great president, but he is sure as frak taking office under some shady circumstances. “You have to give me the presidency because my daddy doesn’t like you?” What the heck kind of argument is *that* in a supposed democracy! Crazy talk. It made no sense to me. Admiral Adama is clearly in the wrong in not supporting Zarek — and now that he is hanging behind waiting for Roslin, it’s moot anyway, is it not? So why should Lee still get to be interim president? Makes no sense and is a major misstep in what otherwise has been plotted by the show’s writers as a government system that makes sense. Boo. Boo.

  2. Eyeless says:

    I agree with Mike. Also, you mentioned in the podcast that the Quorum objected to Zarek as President, but when Zarek announced that he is taking over, they chorus “hear hear” and tap the table.

  3. KLCtheBookWorm says:

    Up until Adama staying behind, the move made sense. There was a legal precedent in it. And I felt sorry for Zarek when he stressed “but I was elected!”

    On the other hand, after seeing Lee’s courtroom speech and saying outloud “OMG Lee should totally be the next president,” I’m glad to see it come true.

    But if I was in Zarak’s shoes, I’d let Lee have dealing with the Quorum. Just as a viewer, they annoyed me even as I recognized their yelling complaints as valid. In person, I think I’d be trying to airlock the whole gang.

  4. Glenmorangie says:

    SciFi has rerun Home the last few weeks, and it reminded me that Zarek was willing to have the Admiral, Lee, and Laura shot in order to gain power. He’s been a terrorist in the past if you remember, which led to his incarceration shown in Bastille Day. While I believe that people can be redeemed and Zarek has been moving in that direction, especially after New Caprica, I understand why Adama and Tigh would not trust him to be President. Besides, if the previews are to be believed, it looks like Laura may well return to power in the next two episodes, leaving Lee with a very short time as president.

  5. mymatedave says:

    Tom Zarek has my deepest sympathies, always the bridesmaid but never the bride. Gaius ‘godpants’ Baltar may be crazy, but his comments about the ‘new aristocracy’ have come true.

  6. Audra says:

    I voted “disapprove” because I think he should have given them more of a fight instead of just giving up the presidency because Adama “wouldn’t accept” him.

  7. Joe says:

    Good point Audra!

  8. Michael says:

    I am conflicted. If Zarek planned the move of Lee to President (which I strongly expect), then I approve of his acts. Zarek is a master manipulator and chess player (almost machine like, if you will). If the legally elected VP let the military effect yet another coup, then I certainly disapprove and say the civil defense force should have already been in place.

    Side note: why hasn’t a character named “Ava” been introduced as the new love interest of Adama?

  9. docthanatos says:

    I have a legal question. Was Baltar ever impeached? We know he left with the Cylons and stood trial for crimes against humanity, but he was found inocent. Zarek appoined Roselyn as VP and then resigned, but Baltar returned. Baltar is with the Cylons, but if he wasn’t, or comes back without Roselyn does he have a legal right to contest the presidency?

  10. Sitroom says:

    Thinking about President Baltar, but should he not still be refereed to to in that way. They have refereed other ex-presidents and President “who ever”.

    Also A quick question. Did not Baltar surrender to the Cylon after the Admiral Adama lead the battlestars (aka the defense of the people) out of system? If I am remembering correctly that Baltar would have been a fool not to surrender.

  11. Michael says:

    They have never said that Baltar was impeached. Granted we don’t know their legal system, but I would say Baltar has the rights to the Presidency. Of course like Lee said, you have to consider the facts on the ground. And the facts are that the military wouldn’t support Baltar, so it’s an exercise in academia for the folks in the ivory tower ships. Again, a reason we need a strong civil defense force. Also, don’t forget the Quorum’s apparent ability to remove a President. Maybe they did and just didn’t bother to tell us.

    Baltar should be referred to as President Baltar, but no one could stomach saying that. Especially Butterfingers. But what could he do now? Hop after him with a pen?

    Sitroom, that’s my recollection, too. I was saying that from the time they charged him. If he hadn’t surrendered, there wouldn’t be a regime to put him on trial.

  12. Sitroom says:

    Well then it seems to me that in the fleet currently is not a democracy (direct or representative). The government is a military dictatorship that gives the illusion of a representative government when it is convenient. Roslin was never elected to anything and neither we Lee (I believe he could win). Tom Zarek was elected but can not serve because of the ruling military.

    Michael, do you really think that Roslin and Admiral Adama would allow her removal? I think in what would happen is that there would be a new Quorum (can we say airlock). That is my option I guess Roslin could just do what she normally does ignore/bypass the Quorum. The only times this season the she has been balked is by Lee. If push came to shove who would Admiral Adama and military support and at what price?

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