May 31, 2008

GWC Podcast #102

We jump right into this week’s incredibly BSG episode. Highlights: we compare Romo’s cat to Wilson, express our joy over Jake’s triumphant return, discuss Tigh’s eye-moting, note Mark Sheppard’s difficult and successful performance, see even more evidence that colonials are beginning to see cylons as people, comment on Lee’s Fabio shirt (and, um, presidency), and enjoy more calls from BSG cast members congratulating GWCers on the community’s longevity and fun.

6 Responses to "GWC Podcast #102"
  1. Mark says:

    Yeah, Lee was definitely near the peak of hotness in this episode!

    That look in Tighe’s eye when Adama was telling him that he’s learned so much about himself was priceless.

    So much for the cat being the fifth Cylon 🙁

  2. Glenmorangie says:

    Re: red in Hybrid’s waterbath…You’re all right. There are both red lights and Sharon’s blood in the water. When the Hybrid yells jump, the red lights go away briefly and you can see the bloody water at the end of Faith.

    Galactica menu: lotsa of liquor, algae mash, but is there any coffee? Yikes! Severe java deprivation would explain a lot. Hope that earth turns out to be Tyrol’s Hot Fudge Planet after that culinary wasteland.

  3. radii says:

    Six has wings – really.

    … oh, and Sine Qua Non was a misfire … read review at

  4. podakayne says:

    hi lady & gents,
    just listening to the show…quick comment on the brave lass who admires gaeta not “taking pain killer”…as a woman who’s had a c-section delivery…yeah i was awake…i think perhaps she may be mistaking his refusal to being completly out with not having any pain killer. i’m sure he was medicated for pain and to have gone under he wouldn’t feel whatever the drugs couldn’t quite cover…yes go gaeta with yo sweet singin self (i too tried to see how long i could go w/out callin for meds—it is frakkin AMazing how much Pain the body can generate)

    other comments–thought ty’s reactions to adamas comments on his “changes’ was frellin funny as hell…starting with ty saying he wasn’t exactly interviewing six.

    also think the great paradign shift from reffering to cylons more as equals is noted. adama deals w/athena more human (humanly). reffering to six as “that woman” etc.

    thought there would be more discussion on the adama/ty fight…wasn’t that just the $#^T!!!

    and as for mark sheppards return…luved it….and though i agree he was testing lee (leland LOL!!!), i also think he was right on the edge …if lee for one moment had given romo an explaination that he (romo) believed was just so much “pooh ship exhaust”…yeah i think he have shot him dead and proceeded to go well over into his own dark side.

    well no more headcat for romo—was awesome seeing him again…and i am so read for next weeks unboxin’

    really love your podcast…yes audra that wig looks like the same style as rowe ROTFL!

    so say we all!!!

  5. Rick Foley says:

    I just thought I would let you know about the gun you talked about. No it dose not have four triggers. It only has one. The gun is called a COP and it was made in America during the eighty’s designed as a police back up weapon. It is a four barreled 357 magnum. Also it dose not fire all four rounds at once. one pull of the trigger fires the first barrel than another pull fire the second and so on. This is a least the second time the gun was used on BSG. I am very happy to say that I own one of the official weapons of BSG though if anyone want to trade it for a working Viper let me know.

  6. John Phillips says:

    What I don’t get is how Caprica Six can be pregnant by Tigh because the cylons weren’t able to reproduce. I love was the answer with Sharon and Helo, but a projection of Ellen can produce feelings that deep?

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