Top 10 Ways You Know You’re About to Die in BSG

10. A centurion tries to shoot the guy next to you
9. Dee blows you off for a buffer model
8. You’re alone in a bathroom with Baltar and a chick with a pipe
7. You’re standing next to Admiral Cain
6. Caprica Six slips you the tongue
5. Jamie Bamber’s wife is performing your critical surgery
4. You tell a smart centurion “don’t kill me,” but forget to say “please”
3. You set the table and serve Kara Thrace a nice dinner
2. You have an open wound on the poo barge
1. Hera creeps up to your bed and says “bye-bye”

15 Responses to "Top 10 Ways You Know You’re About to Die in BSG"
  1. The Alpaca Herder says:

    Excellent! Thank you Audra.

  2. adoracion says:

    oh wow! i MISS the old school fun. thanks Audra.

  3. Stroogie says:

    Best Top Ten List yet.

  4. ThotFullGuy says:

    Excellent. Your still the coolest Audra.

    Here’s a #11: Ron Moore and David Eick are on the phone and they want to talk to you.

  5. wilwilwil says:

    By the by, am I the only one who thinks that the red-shirt chick who was killed a few eps. back by Six (before that Six was kissed and offed by another Six) had the GREATEST “last words” ever?!?




    “I’m ok.”


  6. Dave says:

    #4 killed me LOL

  7. Davey2 says:




    “I’m ok.”


    …actually, I thought she just said ‘Ok’, like she was getting ready to turn around and take a return swing at the six?

  8. Jesse says:


  9. wilwilwil says:

    Definitely said “I’m ok.”

    That’s what I’d like my last words to be, too.

  10. Boxytheboxed says:

    Audra, Ive decided that your the funniest. Damn, its been a long tie since Ive posted on the blog…oh how I’ve missed you blog.

  11. Davey2 says:

    >That’s what I’d like my last words to be, too.

    ..I think you just like the idea of having your ass beaten by a six 🙂

  12. Starbuccaneer says:

    “2. You have an open wound on the poo barge”

    Gaeta’s not dead! Long live Stumpy the Singing Cylon!

  13. Woeful says:

    How about: Become one of Lampkin’s pets?

  14. Solai says:

    Audra…that is awesome! Here is my contribution:

    #12: You have appeared in multiple episodes over the course of the series…and suddenly they give you a line right before a mission

  15. Cylon Raider vs Gundam Mobile Suit says:

    Who would win this fight?

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