May 24, 2008

GWC Podcast #101

In this first week off during season four, we take the opportunity to respond to a ton of listener calls. Highlights: we wish we had a doctor like Doc Cottle, learn that Chuck’s middle-school librarian was incredibly cool, wonder why there aren’t more colonial injuries considering the state of war in which they live, search for anyone who’s “dying” and “a leader” at the same time, hear Audra’s full frontal Stargate nudity rant, question whether Darth Vader is “hot,” tell lots of stupid stories, and play episode 100 congratulatory calls from two BSG cast members.

6 Responses to "GWC Podcast #101"
  1. Shaymus22 says:


  2. podakayne says:

    hi GWC, i’ve never written, called….but i do listen (or have been since i found you this last season…WTHeck!) anywho …here’s a bit of a thinker. If tigh has gotten 6 preggers then that will be a true cylon breed …right? i am assuming that she is found pregnant via the “next time on battlestar galactica” preview. and tigh and adama go to blows OMGs what the frell is happening….anyway love the show, wished i’d had you subscribed you guys are fun!

    poor gata, but what a voice and i think emily may be on to something!

    much affection
    p.s. happy late 100th and audra you laugh a lot, but hell you’ve got a wicked sense of humor!

  3. Audra says:

    podakyne, welcome!

    *laughing wickedly* mwa ha ha…hahahahaha….

  4. Sarah says:

    Just wanted to comment on the availability of Battlestar on iTunes. I have 4 ipods and an Apple TV. Battlestar is my favorite show and I will not buy the DVDs because I am taking all of my media to a digital format and I’m refusing to pay the money for the DVDs just to copy them over and never use them again. NBC is crazy to take their content down! I would own EVERY episode of Battlestar if it was still available. And like you said on #101, people will get it elsewhere. . .for FREE. And the whole DRM thing is NOT how the future of the industry looks. It’s all very Microsoft. I’m sorry that a great show like Battlestar is taking a financial hit due to some exec trying to get an extra nickel in his pocket! I would THROW money at this show if they would play on my terms (the customers). Jobs doesn’t make marketing errors for the most part, it’s what he does best. The price point is more than fair. And I am more than happy to GIVE THEM MY MONEY. I buy epidodes of Who Wants to Be a Superhero for God’s Sake! I’ve heard from a lot of tech sources that they are coming back. I hope it is true. Otherwise they’re just coming off as corporate pigs, not good for customer retention. Thanks and love the show!!


  5. Sarah says:

    Audra and Chuck!!! You haven’t seen 300!!??? Do yourself a favor. Rent it immediately. Amazing movie. We are Sparta!

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