May 19, 2008

GWC Podcast #100 (Live!)

If you’re new to GWC, you might want to start with one of the older podcasts as this special ‘cast — recorded live with numerous calls from listeners and members of the GWC community — celebrates our momentous 100th podcast. Highlights: a quick congratulations call from everyone’s favorite final-fiver Michael Trucco, a clip reel of some funny moments in GWCdom (including our first introduction), David’s kick-ass song about the occasion (set to the tune of JoCo’s Still Alive), and lots of interaction with fellow GWCers. Enjoy!


11 Responses to "GWC Podcast #100 (Live!)"
  1. Shaymus22 says:


  2. GalaxyRanger says:


  3. Billofal says:

    Great Job! I have been listening to you guys since the 13th colony left Kobol and enjoyed all of it. Thanks again.

  4. knit_knit_knit says:

    I am in the middle of a move to Seattle, and had to wait until I was nearly asleep to see the last episode. Then I see this post.

    I CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED THE 100TH!!! I love last chat episode so much, and missed this one. I must resolve this somehow!

    I can’t wait to get my computer off the moving truck and be able to listen to the ep! (Damn these hotel business centers and their limited computer access!)

  5. Sarah says:

    Just a small thing. . .John Smith was not married to nor had a romantic relationship with Pocahontas. This is a myth. She married John Rolfe. Look it up.(-:

  6. Audra says:

    Sarah, you’re right. I know Pocahontas actually married John Rolfe, but Smith, who was known for embellishing his autobiographical tales, did write about an encounter with Powhatan’s tribe and Pocahontas. Therefore he’s the one we tend to associate with Pocahontas.

    I suppose I should have been more accurate, but I wanted to quickly identify Smith so I could tell the story about the explosive going off in his lap. 😉

  7. Glenmorangie says:

    Congrats on your C-cast! The big 1-0-0 yoyoyoyoYO! I’m new to the Galacticaverse, and your casts have greatly deepened my understanding and appreciation of the series. You are all inevitably very funny, charming, and erudite, yet self-effacing. You guys, Rock! Looking forward to the celebration of #200…

  8. Billofal says:

    That is right Glenmorangie! The GWC=Centurions! LOL

  9. dunker says:

    Nice singing job Audra!! Congratulations on 100!! The podcasts has helped make many a looooooong commute bearable…


  10. Bob Klein says:

    I’m sorry, but you guys have lost it. I’ve listened since the middle of season 2 and have enjoyed your discussions of the show, but since the start of season 4 it has been too much “arn’t we so cool and arn’t the people who call in so cool.” 40 minutes in to podcast #100 and you still haven’t said word one about the show. When you held it to 60 minutes and really talked about the show and not about how cool (or hung over) you were, it was fun. Listening this year has made me think that I have become one of the “get a life slackers” that have given Sci Fi a bad name. And this is from someone who had a subscription to “Galaxy” 20 years before you were born and listened to X-1 on the radio. Get back to business; there’s more to talk about than how cool the frak party in California was.

  11. Starhunter says:

    I most totally disagree. I learn more from the podcast than I do watching BSG and they are very cool people and the folks who call in are very cool. I love the podcast and if they want to mention how cool the frak party was in Cali, than I’m all for it. And this is coming from someone who listened to War of the Worlds and has the first issue of Amazing Stories.

    >>Bob Klein Says>>>

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