BSG Theory Roundup


Just in time for tonight’s episode, here’s the latest crop of truly awesome BSG theories sent in by GWCers:

  • Hera and Chief’s kid will be “Adam & Eve” on Earth. They will be the only survivors of the trek to Earth — since Starbuck will bring death. [Daleed77]
  • The rag-tag fleet finally makes it to the Sol system. The Galactica cruises past Neptune and Uranus and then they detect a ship on the draidus flying near the large gas giant with the rings. Adama sends out a raptor to investigate. The raptor finds a large ship with strange writing across the hull. They receive a hail: “Unidentified ship, this is Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise. What is your business in the Sol system?” [Chris in Boston]
  • I’m gonna make the call now: I think Baltar is going to be the dying leader. His profile as a “leader” is growing exponentially. How fitting that a Christ figure like Baltar should die as Earth is reached, thereby elevating him to even further worship status. Let’s not forget he is being visited by an angel of God. [Gafra]
  • In the Razor DVD (Chapter 10 46:02-30) — also part of the last two ‘sodes —
    we see a young blonde child behind the doors with the “terrified man” who is trying to convince young Adama to let them out from behind the steel door.
    He claims they were civilians on the Gemonese transport ship Diana, in which the cylons caught fifty civilians. They appeared to be the last of the survivors from the cylon experiments. The girl is played by Vancouver actress
    Emily Hirst (credited as “girl in cage” on IMDB) and is not the the same actress as the young Starbuck in Maelstrom (played by Erika Shaye Gair). But the camera seems to give us three different shots of this young girl hiding behind the door, and as Adama starts to leave them you can hear the girl shoutign “don’t leave without us!” Could be any significance to this scene? Might we find out down the road that these people are a young Starbuck and her father? [Rjmdrum]
  • Head 6/Head Baltar are actually beings from the Ships of Light, and we simply haven’t seen the actual ship of light yet. [David Herron]
  • The four currently revealed final fivers all have a “T” in their name: Tory, Tigh, Tyrol, Sam “T” Anders. I think the last cylon will also have a “T” in their name, which means it’s either Kara Thrace (not likely, since that’s more a \”th\” sound) or Tom Zarek. I think Tom’d be a cool final final-fiver! [Bobbi H]

Remember, you can send us your latest and greatest theories via our submit a theory form — and discuss ’em at any time of the day or night on the GWC Forum.

2 Responses to "BSG Theory Roundup"
  1. Shaymus22 says:

    In reply to the T one, what about Cottle (or however you spell his name) ? Or Hotdog? I’m gonna feel like a complete tool if it turns out that’s right, but it seems flimsy to me.

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