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Just in time for tonight’s episode, here’s the latest crop of truly awesome BSG theories sent in by GWCers:

  • Is Chief headed back to Boomer? First, they showed us that Boomer isn’t just inclined to seduce humans, she can go after other cylons as well. Now with Tyrol being a cylon and Cally now out of the way, could they be setting up some sort of reunion between Tyrol and Boomer? Maybe their relationship could be a key to a reconciliation between the original seven and the “Tighlons?” It would be really cool to tie something from the beginning of the series into the conclusion. [Mark Heil]
  • I think the way Six seemed to “carry” Baltar when he tried to enter his “home” is key to what Head Six really is to Baltar. I think this lends more to the fact that she is a angel sent from God. Also, I think Caprica Six knows that Tigh is a cylon. Some of the things she said seem to indicate that. And its throwing Tigh off because what she said was so close to what Ellen would have said. [mSeliga]
  • Earth — not Kobol — was the home of man. In order to settle Kobol, long-lived robots based on a human pattern (Cylons) were created to oversee the sub-light journey from Earth to Kobol. In all probability only human cells and the robots were sent on the trip. On Kobol the robots supervised the founding and raising of a new civilization. The robots became the “gods” to the humans. In time the gods’ power declined as the population and civilisation of Kobol grew. As chaos grew on Kobol, as it had previously on Earth, the (human) founders of the 12 colonies headed off to their new worlds whilst the Kobol neo-Earth was destroyed. Some of the robot overlords also migrated to the colonies, living “undercover” as humans. Many forgot or programmed out their memory of the great journey that had happened before, and probably again. Some (or one) of these 12 model Cylons, perhaps the unknown member of the “Final Five”, may have (perhaps unknowingly) invented the mechanical Cylons who, used as a slave class. rebelled from their human overlords. Perhaps the robot overlords of Kobol in the past had a human slave revolt. Anyhow, about half of the original 12 Cylons allied themselves with their “mechanical” brothers while the other half chose to stay with their human “god children.” Finding Earth with reveal mankind and Cylonkind’s true origin. [Tim from Sydney]
  • After watching Escape Velocity, I wonder if anyone has ever speculated that maybe Ellen Tigh is an “aged” Six. The resemblance is uncanny, and I’m surprised I never noticed it before. [Daniel]
  • Starbuck is not the final cylon. She was brought back by the ship of lights — just like Apollo from the original show. They showed her Earth and things around it, then put her back in place with the fleet. She doesn’t remember the ship in that manner — just the feelings about where to go. She will end up with Leoben in the end and they will be the first to find Earth together. As far as the “final four” cylons, they are actually the first for cylons, aside from the final cylon which is actually the “main” cylon. The other seven were based off of the first five (Six tells us this last week when she tells Tigh that their brains were based off of the first models) but don’t know or think about them because it could hinder their final “plan.” I believe that the Cavils actually do know more about the final five than they let us know. That’s why they removed Tigh’s eye on caprica, so the other cylons wouldn’t recognize him. [Darthoutlaw]
  • Each of the twelve human cylons seem to have a unique personality or belief structure — as do the twelve colonies. Caprica was the leading planet, Gemini was deeply fundamentalist, etc. It just seems to me that the survivors from each colony will split with one of the twelve human models to repopulate the species it most identifies with. The Humans offer the DNA pool, the cyclons offer the numbers, and off they go. It’s all happened before and will happen again because the cylons are preprogrammed to recreate the future at a genetic level: 1000 years later and boom, it’s triggered, and someone develops robotics. 100 years later and boom, someone creates cylons. Boom, it repeats to keep the species going. Humans are nothing more than preprogrammed biological machines anyway. Earth is simply where the secret is held, a “What is the Meaning of Life” type epiphany for the human race. [James]
  • Starbuck is the original hylon: her Mom was actually one of the people captured by the cylon(z) that Husker saw on the ship. She earned her medal by escaping. Her dad is Saul and that is why they are so much alike. [Sandog Malone]
  • Since it’s impossible to tell a human from a cylon, perhaps the physical form is consistent between the two and the only difference is the consciousness. Perhaps the Tighlons are really human (and have been all along) but a consciousness was downloaded — or is it uploaded? — without their knowing. So final five are these kind of ghost like entities that can jump from host body to host body without the goo bath. [Var]

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  1. Kenny says:

    I think Tim in Sydney nailed it.

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