May 6, 2008

GWC Podcast #98

Besides stumbling through this week’s episode The Road Less Travelled, we ramble as per usual. Highlights: we talk astromech droids and Lego Y-wings, gross out over Leoben and Starbuck’s paint-fest, question Baltar’s Michael Jackson-like marionette dance, enjoy Helo’s bad-ass beatdown, wonder why the Chief shaved his noggin, debate the origin of “skeeve,” listen to a boring work story from Chuck, question (again) Athena’s (and Boomer’s) loyalties, speculate on Cylon alliances, and see two images we can’t get out of our head: the yoga dude and slave Cavil.

2 Responses to "GWC Podcast #98"
  1. Glenmorangie says:

    Great podcast! Got to agree w/ Austrailia that Audra is the coolest! A google search of “tai chi” and “nude” generates 163,000 hits, so Boomer’s riding a trend. And if there’s mutiny on the Demetrius, then is Helo the new Grand Poobah of the Grand Poo Barge? Wow, imagine his scene w/ Adama when Helo tells the Old Man, who values loyalty so highly, that they had a mutiny & Kara is gone (yet again). Lastly, I agree with the caller that pegged Boomer a double-agent. I commented after #96 that she’s exercising her free will to wreak havoc within the Cylons either/both to exact revenge for causing her to lose her position within the fleet (a position that Athena now holds) or/and to get back to her love Chief.

  2. mymatedave says:

    slave Cavill? Now you’ve infected me! *claws out eyeballs*

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