April 26, 2008

GWC Podcast #97

New BSG four weeks in a row? Scary! Escape Velocity asked many questions and offered few answers — though lots of clues. Highlights: we enjoy seeing Kate Vernon back on set (and struggle to determine whether Tigh is projecting her or whether Caprica Six is projecting her), re-open the is-Head-Six-real debate with new evidence, discuss Chief’s newly-expressed issues with Cally, take a variety of Cally-hater calls (and question whether she really smells like cabbage), listed to Chuck agree that Tory is bent, wonder where the S&M/pleasure is pain is learning theme will take us this season, ponder Lee’s future as politician (and maybe president), try to divine what’ll happen next week on the grand poo barge, and offer an early preview of national Talk Like A Pirate Day. Don’t forget the GWC Meetup this Friday in San Francisco plus meetups in NYC, Dallas, and elsewhere soon. Check the GWC Forum for details.

One Response to "GWC Podcast #97"
  1. Gray says:

    OK. it took me a long time to collect my thoughts on this episode.

    Obviously, the most important thing aside from the damnable lack of Starbuck, was the further revelation that religion, vis a vis the head Six, is an actual force. For so long we’ve been toying with the idea of religion as a genuine, tangible force in the BSG verse. I mean, there’s been room for debate about it before; is it coincidence or divine intervention when Baltar is saved by the skin of his teeth. I think it was a significant step in the direction that the religion actually has a role. Baltar was being *moved* and *maneuvered* by the Head Six. This is incredible!

    I’m so excited to get insight into Baltar and his role as probable prophet. And totally excited to see the upcoming Starbuck-mutiny storyline.

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