It’s Galactica Time: Your Party Guide


It's Friday night during Galactica season, which means new BSG and frak parties galore. And as always, things have changed just a little bit this week. We're back to just one streaming "preview" of the episode at noon ET today.
Regardless of how you're planning to watch, be sure to choose the correct frak party for your viewing time zone to avoid spoilers:

  • Here's the party for those of you watching via SciFi's noon-time stream.
  • Here's the party for everyone watching the show at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT tonight. The thread's open, so feel free to get in the mood there (sans spoilers, of course).
  • And here's the party for those of you out on the West coast catching the PT broadcast.

And, of course, you've still got a little bit to slip in a last-minute call under the wire for tonight's podcast by calling us at 214-296-9229. See you on the parties tonight!

Update: The streaming "preview" turned out to be the first twenty minutes followed by an immediate "the episode has ended" screen. Doh!

One Response to "It’s Galactica Time: Your Party Guide"
  1. Walter says:

    I dont think that she is wearing a wig in the second photo. I think they superimposed her face over number sixes.. the hair is to close to a match for it to be two complete different people. this would explain to me why she looked kinda of spookie as they didn’t total fade out sixes face so there was like a ghost of both of them in one shot. but it was cool no matter how they did it..


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