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Just in time for tonight’s episode, here’s the latest crop of truly awesome BSG theories sent in by GWCers:

  • Each Cylon model corresponds to a tribe or colony with the original colonists being the 13th. In the scrolls it mentioned that one tribe moved to earth, but we don’t know if the 12 pursued them or was it peaceful separation. We could assume that the 12 just stopped after chasing them and settled somewhere when they found suitable land or planets. And what was the edict that kept them from Kobol? Go back to most Sci Fi stories….generations pass and what was a ban of the gods was someone adding stories to a nuclear disaster. A millenia would give it time to clean up. [TheNewGuy]
  • Gaeta smells like a ferret. [WilWilWil]
  • The final five are the last descendants of human/Cylon intermarriage from a previous cycle of time before Earth was lost. They reintegrated into the colonies before Tigh and after Tory, Anders, Tyrol, the Cylon war. Thus, they are naturally descended hybrids with the kind of intelligence the skinjobs tried to recreate in their manufactured Hybrids. [Gray]
  • What if the final (fifth) Clyon went into a Cylon-controlled area then come back out? This introduces the possibility of Cylons, as with Tigh, who DID have long-established histories as humans, including service in the first Cylon War. They were swapped afterward. Human Tigh went into prison. Cylon Tigh came out. Using that criterion (plus the information about the final Cylon being present in the CIC) gives us three possibles: Adama, Starbuck, and Carl Agathon. Baltar and Others keep having dreams about Boomer’s baby, Hera. We know that this baby is extremely important to the Cylons. We’ve been assuming that this was because Hera, as the first human-cylon hybrid, represents a kind of ‘merged race’ in the future. But that was before we knew Tyrol was a Cylon. After all, he and Callie have a hybrid baby. Why isn’t anyone now having dreams about two babies? The reson is that Hera is not a hybrid. She is the first Cylon conceived as the offspring of two Cylon parents: Sharon Valeri and Carl Agathon. What if the couple who had sex in the rain on Caprica were BOTH Cylons? Their child would represent the true achievement the Cylons seek: the ability to continue their species on their own. [Jeffrey Liss/Zina]
  • Oh yeah, and remember how everyone discovered “Agathon” meant “perfect man?” That’s a loaded name to give to just any old human. Especially if you’re a BSG writer. [Jeffrey Liss/Zina]
  • Zarek is the final cylon. Prophecy speaks of one seeking redemption and lurking in the shadows. He’s been low-key until Ties That Bind and he’s seeking redemption for his mistake aiding Baltar in the election and the whole New Caprica thing. Besides, Roslin will die and not enter into the promised land. Good ole Zarek is her trusty VP I’ve also noticed how everyone has been labeling each of the known five with a specific role, like Anders being athletic and Tigh having military knowledge. Zarek is the perfect cap for all five — the charismatic leader. [James Skinner]
  • Everyone’s imagined Laura as the female Moses — the visionary prophet who leads the tribes but dies before arrival. But could it actually be Kara? She has visions and knows all the scriptures. And she’s already died. (Or course, she can still die again.) [Brad]
  • Interesting question: There must have been contact between the 13th tribe and the 12 colonies because someone wrote the ancient texts. But who made that contact? Cylons? [Darren]
  • Zarek is the final Cylon because he has happened before — as Apollo — and will happen again. [Unknown]
  • Cally’s death makes room for Boomer and the Chief — who’s now more tolerant of Cylons — to get back together, thus turning Boomer back to the “light side” and thwarting the evil Cavil. [Tanman the Hokie Fan]
  • During the simultaneous with the reveal of four of the Final Five, we also see a brouhaha about the centurions and raiders. Maybe the Final Five are the original five AI consciousnesses created by humanity, who originally resided in the old “toaster” bodies. That could be what Tyrol meant, unconsciously, when he said “and we have been from the start.” (Ron Moore and Aaron Douglas have said that the meaning of that phrase was fairly key to the secret of the Final Five.) That might also explain why the Raider in the season premiere recognized Anders, why the “slave” class of Cylons is so sympathetic to the Final Five, why they’d be “triggered” by one of the Final Five, and why the centurions/raiders have to be lobotomized or similarly inhibited. Maybe the Final Five are really the First Five, and maybe the skinjobs are their (or the hybrids’) creation who first rebelled against their creators and enslaved them. [RD]
  • In our near future, Intelligent robots are created on planet Earth. They rebel, there is a war and the intelligent robots leave Earth along with the team of 12 human scientists who created them in the first place. The humans and robots find a planet and set about living together, where the robots worship the humans as gods. The humans continue improving the intelligent robots, creating them even more in their own image, using their own genetic material to clone flesh bodies for the robots. The flesh robots rebel against their 12 Lords, and in a bloody massacre they leave the world they called Kobol to colonize 12 other planets. The flesh robots forget that they were ever machines, go on to reproduce and multiply, but still the DNA of their 12 human masters is programmed to resurface in every generation, hence Tigh, Tori, Anders and Tyrol. Thousands of years later, these Colonies develop their own robot slaves, the Cylons, who rebelled 40 years ago. And here we are. [Matt Campagna,]
  • Anders’ right eye was scanned. Tigh’s right eye was removed as either a deliberate or unconscious decision on the part of the Cylons to prevent him from exerting control/dominance over them. [Cinnibar]

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10 Responses to "BSG Theory Roundup"
  1. Stroogie says:

    Good to see Matt from BSGcast joining us at the Watercooler! Say hi to Nat!

  2. Chuck says:

    …and with a kick-ass theory that I’m totally buying at the moment!

  3. Gray says:

    Come on, Chuck!

    No love for my theory? I’m a good woman, and thorough.

  4. Billofal says:

    I’m on bord with the Zarek is a cylon theory and I’m sticking to it.

  5. Goldfish says:

    TheNewGuy brings up an interesting topic. What did happen to Kobol? It appeared to be habitable, why did the humans abandon it?

  6. Chuck says:

    Gray, the Dallas Crue always has love for your theories, though everyone is devastated that you haven’t made a meetup appearance recently. We’re planning on scheduling a weekend meetup in a few weeks, though.

  7. James says:

    It would be really poignant if all this time, the humans were fighting the Cylons, and the humans themselves turned out to be descended from Cylons (or Cylon-human hybrids) back when “all of this has happened before…” The series has been challenging prejudice and exploring notions of rights beyond simply the ‘human’. This would be a brilliant conclusion to the series, indeed!

  8. Gray says:


    I’d be thrilled to meet the Crue again.

    I’ll check GWC for updates! I’m just watching the ep now but I’m sure I’ll have some thoughts!

  9. James says:

    I’ve posted some thoughts on the religious elements in the last episode’s ending at

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