April 19, 2008

GWC Podcast #96

Before we jump headfirst into this week’s BSG episode The Ties That Bind we check in with GWC correspondents attending Starfury: Serenity Complete in London, FedCon in Germany, the NY Comicon, and Bear McCreary’s concert. Highlights: we lament Cally’s loss of the family and friends who served as her anchor, compare her fate to Kat’s and Ellen’s, explore Tory’s new “gansta” Cylon side, debate the sexiness of Starbuck’s scene with Anders, discuss the ickyness of Boomer and Cavil’s skeevalicious makeout session, enjoy the Cylons’ “now it’s your turn” human-like experience with relationships and democracy, squee with joy at Zarek’s awesome return to BSG, suspect that Lee will be a better politician than we once suspected, review this week’s Grand Poo Barge episode, trade first slave Leia experiences, and delve into the sick, sad big slug underworld.

15 Responses to "GWC Podcast #96"
  1. docthanatos says:

    You know, I never really liked or disliked Callie’s character, but I didn’t want to see her get spaced. So begins the attrition of Ron Moore. One cast member down 43 to go.

  2. KLCtheBookWorm says:

    What other choice did Tory have? I think it was in Tory’s view, the practical solution to protect the Final Four. Yes, it’s a little cold and still murder. But do you think Tigh would have handled the situation differently?

  3. NOT says:

    Oh god, YES. I have always loathed the Cally character and so I really was glad to see her get spaced. Seriously.

  4. Rich McCarty says:

    I actually wasn’t expecting the the newly revealed final five (err…four) to be “experimenting” as much with their new selves as they are. Tory in particular. I thought they’d all be a bit more confused, and maybe have “directives” or “truths” come to surface that would actually lead to some actual good. What Tory has done seems very, very human. It seems like she is trying on her new powers like a 16 year old kid with the keys to a new car. Oh Tory, don’t you know that with “much power comes much responsibility”? If the Final Five don’t have it together, EVERYONE is frakked.

  5. kalan says:

    2 hs to download?! that’s a long time till im able to enjoy this weeks offering. Is that because the description makes it seem like youre talking about sex a lot this week? (more than usual lol)

  6. Tim H. says:

    Maybe it was discussed in one of the frak parties and I just didn’t see it, but this episode had some of the best foreshadowing I’ve seen in a while. The first shot of Cally is of her looking disembodied and the stars (from Nickie’s night toy) spinning around her. And the last shot of her is with the same look in space, frozen and dead, with real stars spinning around her.

  7. Jesse says:

    Make sure you guys share that “slave” Princess Leiah photo now, ya hear?

  8. Chuck says:

    Jesse: Solai posted it in the forums.

  9. EnoNomi says:

    GWC, just wanted you to know how you helped me through an additional 3 weeks of wait to see the premier of season 4. I was in Europe for two weeks, silly me didn’t schedule my vacation with Galactica in mind. So I listened to GWC episodes up through 93 while riding around in France. Though other people in the car would look at me strangely when I’d suddenly smile or burst out laughing; Audra’s comment to the listener in Hong Kong who couldn’t get new episodes took a great deal of explanation after I was finally able to stop laughing.

    On the plus side, I just finished watching the first 3 episodes of season 4 back to back and my head is spinning.

    So, therory here, what if there is a master plan (you know THAT plan they used to speak of) that will only be revealed or switched on when all of the 12 models are reunited?

    Anyway, thanks GWC, I couldn’t have made it through this year without you (and still think Sci-Fi owes you some kickback).

  10. pap says:

    Ooh! What a body blow!

    Like many, I’m reasonably ambivalent about Cally as a character. She was certainly polarized, so kudos to the writing staff for setting it up that way.

    Gotta wonder though. Did she really hate the Cylons so much, or was her shooting of Boomer based largely on her nascent feelings for Tyrol? Our favourite mechanised friends were not on anybody’s buddy list at the time of the shooting, yet she was the one to pull the trigger. She knew she wasn’t going to “kill” Boomer. The most she could achieve was getting her out of the way.

    Great ‘cast this week guys, and Audra was right. Tigh definitely referred to Tory as a Cylon nymphomaniac. Shame on the boys for not recognising “nymphomaniac” when they hear it 🙂

  11. topaz says:

    Just recently started listening to your cast – very good. You guys touched on some stuff this week that I think this season has started driving home – questions of identity and free will. If you’ve always been a good human, does finding out that you’re a Cylon change that? Are you defined by your actions of by your species? I think that Tory’s actions have put her in the “bad” category . . .

    But what about the fear of “secret” programming that takes away your free will? It’s a pretty common theme and one I’m happy to see here – The Manchurian Candidate. River from Firefly – when will she be a weapon and when a girl?

    Great common themes in sci fi and done very well here!

  12. Zigdon says:

    How ironic will it be if Cally finds herself waking up in a resurrection ship?

  13. iam5thcylon says:

    laura looked funny in season finally, she had a strange reaction(closeup) just before cylons appeared to attack. why?
    starbuck’s “father” is supernatural..perhaps one of those god beings
    i like one of your guesses that shes a cylon-human baby but i don’t think so
    i trust starbuct despite Razor’s message not to trust her
    I think i saw starbuck in roslyns,athena,and six dream of opera house. she is in a bright doorway as a blinding image, however baltar is clearly visable in the dream.
    If the admiral or president are fifth cylon then i will b disappointed i mean their side kicks are already cylons…tori and tigh
    my guess is its Lt. Gaeta (other than Baltar most intelligent human) or Dee

  14. prophet says:

    I have read some interesting stuff (non spoilers) that make a case for Zak Adama being the 5th Cylon. The biggest point was that he is (obviously) not represented in the Last Supper picture, yet he has a profound influence on three of the main characters (Bill Adama, Lee Adama, and Kara).

    The foreshadowing by Lee when he was talking to his father was another good case. Asking his father if Zak came back, would it matter if he was a Cylon or not? Would you just love him no matter what he is or was?

  15. Glenmorangie says:

    Thinking more about Boomer’s skeevy kiss with Cavil. Could she possibly be ingratiating herself with him and voting against her sisters previously to wreak havoc within the cylons? It’s a classic storyline to have a beautiful woman get close to a powerful man to destroy him. Boomer’s programming stripped her of her previous life, which she appeared to love, Chief included. Athena rebelled and exerted her free will, thereafter taking Boomer’s place within the fleet, finding love and having a baby. Payback’s a bitch?

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