BSG Theory Roundup

Here's the latest crop of truly awesome BSG theories sent in by GWCers:

  • The final five are actually the ones who created the Cylons originally and the ones in the fleet are copies of the original creators. Each of the four bring something to the table: Tyrol: engineering, Tigh: military experience, Tory: intelligence/political understanding, Anders: athletic ability. [John Phillips]
  • What if the humans who created the Cylons who rebelled also created the first skinjobs? For some reason they then stopped and only five were made -- or only five survived. That would mean that what young Bill Adama stumbled into in the 'sodes was the Cylon(z) efforts to recreate what the humans had already done. It explains why the five are different from the rest of the skin jobs and why the rest are forbidden to even think about the five. Maybe the five don't download because that is an innovation the Cylon(z) developed later. The five might also age because they were designed to replicate humans -- though Six, Cavil, and the rest may age as we haven't watched them long enough see the effects of aging. [Dag2000]
  • Laura is the final and top Cylon, for lots of reasons: What if the Cylons developed the flesh Cylons, then the flesh Cylons took control and used toaster Cylons as slaves. The toasters revolt and have an internal civil war. However, as seemingly indicated in Razor, there are other Cylons. Those Cylons find Earth, and camp out nearby, developing a third and more superior Cylon. Good, peaceful, God-fearing Cylon(z). Baltar and Six are seeing visions of each other as they're spiritually tied to the 'One True God' (who turns out to be real) and the visions are actually the voice of God speaking to them. Roslin, being the final and head Cylon -- and fully aware of that fact -- is manipulating Adama and the fleet, pushing them to chase the mythos of finding Earth in order to lead her Cylon(z) there to destroy the Earth Cylon(z) who've become free-thinking and more human. End result: eradicating the human race. Also, the "right eye" could mean the possibility of yet another Cylon: Adama -- a "good" Cylon opposed to Roslin's end run. Hence, Tigh dreams of killing him and why Roslin wants to use him. [MacOb]
  • In the original series episode War of the Gods, Colonials encounter a ship of lights and they get brand new uniforms and ships. [PocketLint (Bob)]
  • Baltar knows how to turn on the sarcasm, and he turned it on well in the room full of women. He's been doing this since the mini-series, and the only times he's been sincere are when he saw the tortured Six, when he surrendered on New Caprica, and when he discussed the suicide bombings. The rest of the time he might as well have been quoting Monty Python. And on the subject of Starbuck, I think she's a "child of Cylon" as we know she has a human mother, but her father remains a question. Besides the original series ship of lights -- and maybe an encounter with Dr. Who -- I can't explain her two-month trip. [Dave Warman]
  • A close-up of the mini-series Armistice Officer's paperwork on the original Cylon toasters says "Cylon Centurion Model 0005." [Gregory]
  • I would take bets that Lee Adama is the 12th Cylon, given the Greek tragedy nature of BSG. In a way, my theory is a disappointment as I was hoping Admiral Ro would fill the slot. [Papa John]
  • What if Kara Thrace is a hologram? In six of one, notice the angle of the gun: it doesn't seem to be aimed at Starbuk's head, but rather towards her torso. Also, it is reasonable to believe that the Cylon(z) (or at least one of the factions) developed technology significantly more advanced than what is known to humans, like holographic entities. [Richard Cruz]
  • I believe that the final five (or "core" five) don't exist as a single form in one body. I think that in the same way that other cylons dowload into new copies of the same body type, the core five "upload" their consciousness into new host bodies, and have been doing this since the beginning of the cycle of time. That's why they end up being in positions of influence when they are revealed, and they only become aware of what they are when they get in proximity to certain regions of space. Unconsciously they have hitchhiked across people for generations playing important roles in humanity's big steps toward the big arc that is Earth to Kobol to new worlds, and back to Earth again. Different worlds can play the role of these worlds every time. Also, the old hybrid is the Cylon god who gave the skin job seven their religion. Older than that, though, are the core five who are above God and Gods and all that stuff. [Gathly]

Remember, you can send us your latest and greatest theories via our submit a theory form -- and discuss 'em at any time of the day or night on the GWC Forum. Right now there's a first-class thread covering the hybrid's babbling in last week's episode, a poll about Adama as the final Cylon, another poll about the "head" entities, and a tongue-in-cheek discussion of "The Adventures of the USS S***er."

2 Responses to "BSG Theory Roundup"
  1. NOT John Phillips says:

    “Anders: athletic ability.”

    That last one doesn’t exactly fit… I’d go with his ability to organize and lead civilians as an effective guerrilla force. Short version: knowledge of guerrilla tactics, and ability as a LOVE MACHINE.

    OOOOO yeah, baby.

  2. Galactica says:

    Each individual cylon is a representative of each of the tribes on kobol. Each cylon is the reborn God of Kobol, which equaled twelve in the pantheon. But the real God, was worshipped by the 13th tribe, and as shown in the opera house there were six long sheets along with the final five. I believe Baltar is the one behind the sixth sheet, as the monotheist prophet who will lead humanity back into the light.

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