Bear McCreary’s Concert: A Raging Success!

BSG soundtrack creator and Friend of GWC Bear McCreary's live concert this last week carried-over for additional shows -- which still sold-out -- and according to GWCers in attendance totally rocked! McCreary himself performed, of course, along with various instrumentalists, and James Callis -- Gaius Baltar to BSG fans -- emceed. Callis even sang what our listeners described as "a spooky song" to great effect. Look past the jump for additional photos.

The man behind BSG musically, Bear McCreary:


More Callis:


Special thanks to Stephen Johnson and David Heames for the awesome live-event photos.

3 Responses to "Bear McCreary’s Concert: A Raging Success!"
  1. Dave says:

    Great pull AK!!

  2. Marc says:

    That was an awesome show.

    They did an encore at the end… see All Along the Watchtower here:

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