Geeks = New Action Heroes?

Move over big, burly tough guys. You're being replaced by "skinny, awkward, and studious looking" A-listers -- the next generation of action heroes, according to the UK's Telegraph. Citing up-and-comers Shia LaBeouf (Transformers, and of course the new Indiana Jones) and Emile Hirsch (Speed Racer), the Telegraph says younger actors appeal to a younger audience, especially now that "the geek is god in Hollywood."

Indeed, the Telegraph speculates that the action genre is changing as well. "Who would think of Robert Downey, Jr. as a superhero? Where did that come from?" tony Angellotti, a veteran publicist, asked the Telegraph.

Why Geeks Are The New Action Heroes []

One Response to "Geeks = New Action Heroes?"
  1. klcthebookworm says:

    Robert Downey Jr. as the alcoholic Tony Stark? Was I the only one in the world this was no-brainer casting for?

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