BSG Gag Real — Old School

The frak-up wasn’t invented yesterday, as this blooper reel from the original Battlestar Galactica series shows. Not to be missed: Richard Hatch’s numerous appearances, Dirk Benedict’s foul mouth, Adama in bed with a daggit, “plot missing,” and “finding earth.”

5 Responses to "BSG Gag Real — Old School"
  1. GalaxyRanger says:

    That was fun!

  2. "Bob" says:

    So, what does, “girl most likely to” mean exactly anyway?

    Just couldn’t come right out and say it in the olde days could they…

  3. master1228 says:

    that was fraktasticly good

  4. Pike says:

    Weird. It’s dead as an embed, but going to the link:

    And it’s still live.

    Also, awesome.

  5. klcthebookworm says:

    I like the “Gotta Find Earth” song at the end. 😀

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