Anyone Want To Unload A SW Legacy #16?

I'm totally engrossed in Dark Horse's Star Wars series, especially Legacy. And though I've been able to track down almost all of the series locally in either trade paperback or back issues, for some reason #16 (above) eludes me. I'm sure I could order it from somewhere, but I thought I'd ask GWCers first. Anyone have a copy they'd be willing to sell me?

Star Wars Legacy #16: Claws of the Dragon, Pt. 3 [Dark Horse]

12 Responses to "Anyone Want To Unload A SW Legacy #16?"
  1. dxf says:

    I don’t know this particular story arc, but PM me if you want to know what ultimately happens to Obi-Wan.

  2. Steve says:

    I heard Darth Vader kills him.

  3. mSeliga says:

    I have a copy you could borrow. Send me a email and we can set it up.

  4. GalaxyRanger says:

    Damn Steve, don’t you know about spoiler tags!

  5. codeandrew says:

    hey chuck I will go to the comic shop tomorrow he usually has 2-3 copies of every issue of this comic series. I can send you a copy of this if they have it.

  6. codeandrew says:

    Correction: they are closed every monday, so I will go by there tuesday for ya chuck.

  7. Steve says:

    GR: Oppsie

  8. codeandrew says:

    thats sad steve … but nice find lol

  9. codeandrew says:

    Well sadly I go to the comic shop only to find all the old issues gone. Surprising seeing as the owner had about every issue at least twice when last i was at the shop. Sorry Chuck and Sean. I asked him if he might be able to get his hands on another copy and he was doubtful but he has been able to get copies of stuff before. Keep ya posted.

  10. Steve says:

    I would have the same luck as Chuck since he uses the same comic shops. I might stop in there tomorrow night though and see what they’ve got.

  11. Chuck says:

    Just a quick update: with the help of an awesome long time listener, I found one! Thanks for all your help!

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