April 12, 2008

GWC Podcast #95

Two weeks of new BSG material in a row feels like Christmas, doesn’t it? We jump head-first into the issues of this week’s episode Six of One. Highlights: we discuss the “it happened before, it’ll happen again” concept in terms of Cylons and “humanity’s grandchildren,” note Simon’s role as “the most underutilized Cylon,” rejoice over the Centurions’ “gift of reason,” question Tigh’s “send the woman” plan, realize that Baltar really is good with women, and laugh it up over the grand poo barge.

15 Responses to "GWC Podcast #95"
  1. Papa John says:

    While watching last night’s episode, I would take bets that Lee Adama is the twelfth cylon. It’s the only one that makes sense now given the Greek tragedy nature of this show.
    In a way, my theory is a disappointment as I was hoping Admiral Ro (Helena Cain) would fill the slot. Still, it’s my contention Major (ret) Lee Adama is a member of the final five.
    Papa John

  2. Papa John says:

    What’s happened to Hera? You’d figure since Roslin’s cancer came back, they’d be transfusing the heck out of her for the antibodies. It worked before, who has said it wouldn’t work a second time?
    Following this line of thought and since I assume the Chief is aware of Roslin’s plight, why has he not even pondered offering his daughter as a potential blood donor to save the President? This seems out of character for him, especially given his somewhat sacrificial nature.
    Papa John

  3. Craig UK says:

    Ok, so a little behind you guys with catching the latest episodes but thanks to the joys of emule I have just caught episode 2 of season 4.

    I loved episode 1 – heck, the CGI alone was a hoot but the second episode blew me away without any whizz bang explosions or viper action. Awesome story, terrific acting and so very powerful in terms of the way you felt the anguish and doubt of Adama, Roslin and Starbuck.

    If they round off season 4 and the series in this way, we are in for a real treat. Astounding television and frankly something I thought was impossible to see coming out of the US where Nielson ratings and short term advertising revenue seems to be the most important driver for television.

  4. greg says:

    A close up of the Armistice Officer’s paper work on the original Cylon says Cylon Centurion Model 0005. http://media.battlestarwiki.org/images/8/8b/Cylon_centurion_model_0005.jpg

  5. Pap says:

    Great podcast guys, and a top episode. Seems like a long time since we’ve been on a Base Star – good to see some Cylon shenanigans going on. This is definitely the end of the Cylons as we know them.

    The points made on the ‘cast about the Cylons using the Raiders and Centurions as the humans must have used them hit home. Where next for our loveable collection of pets and toasters? What are the true ramifications of removing the inhibitors from the Centurions? Cavel seemed appropriately concerned : “What have you done?”.

  6. Mike says:

    If you watch “maelstrom” carefully from Lee’s ship just before Kara’s ship blows up, you do see a Cylon Heavy Raider… my thought, especially after Razer, is that there is a third cylon faction.

  7. NOT Papa John says:

    Papa John, there are no more stem cells to harvest.

  8. NOT Pap says:

    Pap, my guess is they are setting us up for the humans and skin jobs to become allies.

  9. Jesse says:

    You raised a good point during the ‘cast that I hadn’t thought of. No glowey spine for Baltar when he was fracking Tori. Interesting. But who knows? Maybe this only happens at the absolute, ummm, pinnacle of excitement… ?

  10. Gray says:

    Just some kind of uncollected thoughts while I try to stay awake at work.

    Relative to the Baltar/Head Baltar conversation. I agree, he’s *undoubtedly* eccentric, which is the polite way to say a genius is a stark, raving loon. Yet, Audra’s right. Dapper, effete, lady-pantsuit wearing Baltar of the Head is also in Caprica’s head wearing the same suit, the same coiffure, everything. I mean, what are the odds that they would construct the same imaginary friend? Though, they are both in love with him….

    Secondly, I have to agree with Audra about Tigh. It wasn’t particularly a sexist attitude he took, except that it was inherently sexist. It was the return of brutally pragmatic, Occupation!Tigh. The character has always been coarse but he does seem coarser when Angeli is at the helm for the writers.

    I think the tears on Tory’s part were just this collective of the things that were frakked up in her life at that point. Which is everything. She’s frakking Baltar, she’s a Cylon. I mean, that’s pretty grim. There’s a lot of shame to the situation she put herself in as well, from a standpoint of knowing that you have to essentially sell your soul to save it.

  11. Gray says:

    You know, I’m still listening and I wanted to respond to some of the comments about Lee and his tendency to be directed in certain ways.

    I still think that even in cases where he is being handled masterfully by the likes of Zarek or Romo or his father, it’s never completely blind.

    For instance, with Zarek in Bastille Day, Lee did do the unpopular thing and enforce the democaratic rules that made possible the election that ousted Roslin, which came down to a lot of highfalutin ideals that Zarek spouted but Lee *believed*. It was Zarek’s uprising and proselytization that got the wheels moving but it was Lee that made the decision which at the time, had him going against the will of the arguably two of the most important people in his life at the time, his father and Roslin.

    Also, with Romo, there was a fair amount of naivete on Lee’s part and he does seem to have the zeal of a young college kid who goes to rallies and argues passionately with professors that can be twisted to suit others’ needs but at the same time, it was ultimately his *consience* that he was speaking in Crossroads Pt. II. It happened to play to Romo’s advantage but Lee was following what he knew to be correct and moral.

    So, I think the argument can be made that he has done the right thing in a lot of situations where his conscience happens to coincide with the plans of these charismatic, larger-than-life types.

  12. Gray says:

    Why do they even have a Sh*t ship?

    Can’t they just, y’know, airlock it? Toss it out the window or something?

  13. JadOnTV says:

    Thanks for the plug, guys! And to Sean, you’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed the Sarlacc bits!

  14. Margaret says:

    Thank you for this great podcast! I just found you this season and I’m really enjoying listening to your comments.

    I just listened to episode 95 and I have two comments to send back to you.

    The first one is that although I can’t say I like Baltar I agree that he’s a fascinating character. I heard a wonderful remark about him, which I think was from Ronald Moore’s podcast about the last episode of season 3. After the trial, when Baltar was doing the “I just knew we’d win” thing, Ron (or Mrs. Ron?) said “there’s Baltar re-inventing himself again”. I think that sums him up. He decides who he is and what he thinks and completely believes in it — until 5 minutes later when he changes his mind and completely believes in the next thing. So maybe today he really does believe in the “one God” and that he has been sent as some kind of prophet. Tomorrow might be different.

    The second thing is that I’ve been thinking a lot about the conversation between Adama and Roslin in “Six of One”, when Adama says she’s afraid that maybe she’s not the dying leader. What if she’s really not? What if she’s just a well-meaning lady with cancer who happened to survive the holocaust and become president? When you think back, she had a few visions/hallucinations (caused by medications), one of which was about snakes, which matched a prophecy. Bingo, she’s the dying leader. The priest believed it and Roslin bought into it because she needed something to believe in and keep her going.

    So if it’s not Roslin, then who? What if Starbuck leads the fleet to Earth and then dies? Just a crazy idea….


  15. jp 吉平 says:

    hi everyone,

    So Sixes, Eights, and Leobens are all voting “freedom,” and they’re all motivated to find the Final Five. Is it a coincidence that these are the ones that have been in love? Sixes, with Baltar; Eights, with Chief/Helo; Leobens with Starbuck.


    (btw, I am a Cylon).

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