Quark’s Bar: Ranked 5/10 By BarBlog

The Enterprise's mission was to "seek out new life." Greg of BarBlog.co.uk's mission is simpler: to visit and rate every pub, club, and bar in the UK. Today he took a little time out, though, to rate a more far-out bar: Quark's watering hole from Star Trek: Deep Space 9. What's this experienced expert's take?

"Overall quite a pushy venue, almost more of a sales house than the most popular bar on the outskirts of civilisation. People are obviously in dire need of a drink and Quark should stop trying to sell him punters rare Cardassian jewelery while they slurp drinks through nostrils in the back of their heads -- 5/10."

Who am I to argue with a man who's drank in more bars than I've likely ever seen? Check out the rest of his site for Greg's run-down of bars all over the world. In the meantime, we'll be at the Irish Rover Pub in Frisco, TX tonight doing some of our own research if you'd like to join us. Here's the meetup thread from the forum.

Quark's Bar [BarBlog.co.uk]

One Response to "Quark’s Bar: Ranked 5/10 By BarBlog"
  1. Greg says:


    I’m chuffed you spotted my review of Quarks Bar. Just one tiny favor: the URL for Barblog is Barblog.co.uk (not.com) 😉 would be sweet if you could make that edit.

    Keep your eyes peeled on my site for the review of Joe’s Bar on Battlestar Galactica, should be posted in the next month!

    All the best


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