Massively Multiplayer Online BSG In The Works

Following in the wake of Star Wars Galaxies and a supposedly-coming-soon Star Trek MMO comes Auran Games' announcement of a BSG MMO which will take place during the first Cylon War. Sleuth site MMOCrunch says Sierra Online will publish, though no dates have been set.

One bit of bad news: you'll only be able to play as human. No Cylons for you!

Battlestar Galactica MMO Announced [MMOCrunch]

8 Responses to "Massively Multiplayer Online BSG In The Works"
  1. Steve says:

    Hope they don’t allow it to be destroyed like SWG or design it to pretty much be DOA like the Star Trek MMO will be.

    Personally, I’m looking forward to the SG-1 MMO.

  2. Mike Pirnat says:

    I suppose the first Cylon War is more suitable for an MMO than the “current” setting of the show (as I first misread it). I’d like to see them cap it at ~50,000 players, make all death permanent, and forbid the creation of replacement characters–it’d keep the spirit of the show, but it’d be a lousy business model.

    Whatever happened to that Firefly MMO that was announced awhile back?

  3. ninesixteen says:

    Hopefully if the game does well there will be an expansion pack to allow playing as a Cylon! I just hope the game is mac compatible.

  4. RGS says:

    Oh dear… I smell execs smelling money.

  5. Sean says:

    Crap well there goes what little time I might of have had…. I’ll definately have to check this out!

  6. Steve says:

    Mike: FireflyMMO is still in development. This usually happens, big announcement or whatever then nothing for months. Hopefully this one doesn’t die off, but I’m wondering what new perspective they will bring to the MMO market. Unless you can have a crew on a ship together, doesn’t sound like it’ll be much fun. Unfortunately, the Star Trek MMO is not going to allow “crews.”

  7. Knit_Knit_Knit says:

    If this is decently reviewed, then I may buy my first video game since Magic the Gathering. Please keep us updated on this!

  8. Desert Rat says:

    One hopes it will be better than the Crap action game released by Sierra Online last year. I’ve seen a lot of terrible games based on licensed movie and TV properties, but that one was worse than most. The Demo for it gave you 30 minutes of play. I needed maybe ten to realize that this one wouldn’t have a place on my hard drive.

    Mike, FYI. 50,000 players isn’t enough to sustain an MMO these days. WoW is pushing 8-9 million, IIRC.

    It’s looking like a likelihood that they’ll pull the plug on Star Wars: Galaxies when the knew Knights of the Old Republic MMO happens. Last I checked, it’s numbers had dwindled down to about that 50,000 number.

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