Heroes WebComic Updated Weekly Starting April 15th

We're still in a holding pattern waiting for new Heroes episodes come September, but in the meantime NBC has greenlit additional weekly webcomics to help fill in some of the infamous "Company's" back story. The new comics will debut each Tuesday, starting April 15th, on NBC.com.

Series writer Chuck Kim, who also wrote the story arc for these latest comics, told Entertainment Weekly, "We're basically focusing on a group of agents within the Company. We'll be touching on HRG [Noah Bennett]. The story will start right about the end of season two." He goes on to say that the story will include Bob, Elle, and The Haitian, as well as introduce new Company characters. Some of the new characters may turn up in new episodes, like Hana, who made a very brief appearance in season two.

And if you haven't yet read the Heroes webcomic, jump right over via the link below and start at the beginning where 80 comics await to help plug the gaps between season one and two episodes and expand the Heroes universe.

Heroes WebComics [NBC]
'Heroes:' Exclusive Peek At New WebComic [EW.com] [via]


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