BSG Theory Roundup

We're receiving (and seeing) so many great BSG theories that I thought we'd just round 'em up for you in one big post. Here's this week's crop:

  • GWCers picked up on the fact that Tigh shot Adama in his right eye -- the same one Tigh sacrificed during the New Caprica occupation -- and series writer David Weddle later commented that this is, indeed, significant. Since then, GWCers have torn apart the scene in slow motion and discovered that a) the hole looks a little like the mandala that received so much attention in the end of season three, and b) numerous characters throughout mythology are missing an eye. Check out this thread on the forum for the gory details.
  • Also on Weddle's tip, GWCers have hyper-analyzed the now-infamous Last Supper photo, and found a few tidbits. And now everyone's cross-eyed.
  • Listener "Lord Ray" emailed us to suggest that the show isn't a re-make, it's a sequel, basing this on the concept that the original show's colonial decedents "put a trace in the Cylon operating system that overruns their programming. Some humans were born Cylons. Genetic manipulation from the Bright and Shinies has led to four humans being born as Cylons. The Toasters couldn\'t managed to do this on their own. The best they could do was Hera. This is why none of them were able to see the final five."
  • Listener "Dale" says, "Is it possible that Virgil's Aeneid plays in this somewhere? IN both the Illiad and the Aeneid, the gods mingle with the mortals just like BSG. On a connected note, I think that Gaeta was the wetnurse to Aeneas. Perhaps Gaeta is the last Cylon, quietly helping certain people when they need him, quietly guiding the fleet."
  • GWCer "RGS" thinks the final Cylon might have known that he or she is a Cylon all along, suggesting that maybe the final four/five aren't more complex than the rest, but rather older and simpler and that the Cylons cut and run reaction in last week's episode is more pre-programmed than thought out. He offers more detail here in the forum.
  • Long time GWCer "StevieSpin" wonders if maybe we can't find out more about the final four by looking into their parents' histories. You can help him out with the project here.

And don't forget that you can drop us your own theories any time via our special "Submit A Theory" page.

2 Responses to "BSG Theory Roundup"
  1. dxf says:

    I don’t know how it’ll work exactly, but I totally believe it’s some variation on the sequel theory, and that’s what “all happened before, and will again” means. One way or the other, at the end of the day, the previous BSG series will be a part of this story.

  2. peasncarrots jenny says:

    just became an addict to GWC. My sister told me it was like the transformers
    side of BSG. Just wanted to put that out there. BTW Audra is the funniest “in my age group” individual I have ever heard on my pod! chuck…, chuck…., chuck…..,Is a sensible idividual and Sean is just Sean the glue btwn the two
    Keep up the great work!
    PS Stupid is as Stupid does.

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