Tamoh Penikett On Helo, Season Four, And Future Projects

Tamoh Penikett recently spoke to Regina's Leader-Post, offering some insights into Helo -- and himself. Highlights:

  • Like so many fans, Penikett loves Helo's "deeply rooted moral core" and says that "it's easy to find his voice in the lines."
  • Of the show's decision to keep him on after his originally-planned departure following the mini-series: "It's a huge compliment. I'm so fortunate to have been given that chance. The writers really enjoyed it, too. Ron saw it as a way to take us off the Battlestar and see things from another perspective."
  • On BSG's propensity to kill off characters suddenly: "I was a lot more nervous about that in the first season. I'd leaf through the scripts just to my parts to find out if I'd been offed."
  • Penikett said he was a big Star Wars fan as a child, "but I love to read science fiction, authors like Phillip K. Dick. William Gibson is one of my favorites."
  • On EJO: "I remember going to see Blade Runner as a kid and out of all the great actors in that, guess who had me asking my dad: 'Who is that?' Edward James Olmos. Coming on set for Battlestar the first time I didn't know who was starring in the show and I showed up, saw Edward and Mary and was like, "Why are they here?' and a friend said, 'They're the leads,' and I couldn't believe it."

Penikett fans can also rejoice in the fact that he's landed a role on Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse where he plays an FBI agent.

Another Door Opens For Actor [Leader-Post]

3 Responses to "Tamoh Penikett On Helo, Season Four, And Future Projects"
  1. frakkintalos says:

    I ur job

  2. Audra says:

    I didn’t know Joss Whedon had a new TV series coming out…sweet!

  3. Pike says:

    Yep, it’s called “Karl Agnathon, Private Eye.” Each season he solves a mystery.

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