GQ’s Top Three Reasons To Watch BSG

As you can see from this GQ photo, the lovely and talented Grace Park, Tricia Helfer, and Katee Sackhoff can make absolutely anything look good -- and remind us that female roles in science fiction have come a long way, baby.

Even GQ recognizes that viewers who succumb to their Y-chromosome and tune in will find "one of the savviest, most subversive shows on TV." Between pseudo-geek dungeon master quips, they go on to say that "no other show combines intellectual heft with pure viewing pleasure quite like this."

Love Is A Battlestar [blogGQ] [via]

7 Responses to "GQ’s Top Three Reasons To Watch BSG"
  1. Audra says:

    Wow. If I had Katee Sackhoff’s legs I’d wear that outfit all the time. Maybe not the hair, but definitely the outfit.

  2. Audra says:

    I just have to add, I think Tricia Helfer is beautiful but too thin. Grace Park is very thin but carries it better – maybe more curves? I think Katee’s got the best, fittest, curviest, body of the bunch.

  3. Dave says:

    Giggedy giggedy and giggedy

    alll riiiiight

  4. Hybrid Master says:

    Have to agree with you Audra – Katee is just the healthiest looking woman there – I look at Grace and Tricia and wonder how all of their organs fit in there. Katee and the woman who plays Dee are just eye-popping, no apologies, smokin’ hot curvy women!

  5. john b says:

    There’s no shortage of attractive characters on BSG…….



  6. john b says:

    There’s no shortage of attractive characters on BSG…….


  7. john b says:

    Sorry, I guess the images didnt work here.

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