Final Four Activated Due To Location? Tigh’s Eye Holds Key To Show’s Mythology?

ComicMix just fired off a Q&A with BSG co-executive producer Mark Verheiden. And while thankfully Verheiden doesn't dish any spoilers, his "A"s to ComicMix's "Q"s point speculative fans in some interesting directions. For example, when asked why Six can sense the final five while Athena can't, Verheiden responded:

"It's important to look back at where we've been. Remember that Anders, Tigh, Tory, and Tyrol only realized they were Cylons when they reached the area of space seen at the end of Crossroads, Part 2."

In response to many fans' concern regarding Baltar's "harem," he reminds us that "Gaius was President of the Colonies for a while, duly elected over Roslin. There was clearly a groundswell of support for him then, and there's no reason all those supporters would have abandoned him overnight." He also notes that Lee's abrupt reconciliation with his father makes more sense when considered in light of the elder Adama's vote to acquit Baltar.

But GWCers who noted in the forum that in Tigh's vision he shot Adama in the same eye that he's missing will be happy about this response from series writer and Friend of GWC David Weddle:

"I was waiting for someone to pick up on that telling detail. Congratulations. But I am disappointed you have not figured out its significance within the larger mythology of the show. It's all laid out for you. All you have to do is run the episode over again in slow motion, and the deeper truth will be revealed."

Click here to join GWCers who I'm sure will be doing just that. I'll be in the media room with the TiVo. In the meantime, don't miss the rest of this informative interview over at ComicMix.

BSG Interview: Mark Verheiden [ComicMix]

5 Responses to "Final Four Activated Due To Location? Tigh’s Eye Holds Key To Show’s Mythology?"
  1. Jesse says:

    Confound these riddles! I still have no idea how it’s possible that Tigh is even a Cylon to begin with. If he’s been a friend of Adama for like 40 years, and fought in the first war (before skin jobs were invented? Is that correct?), then how can it be that he is actually IS one? Or am I way off here?

  2. Matt says:

    We know that Tigh (and the other three) are somehow fundamentally different from the other Cylons. As you say, they predate the development of the first skinjobs.
    I think this point will be important!

  3. Bugs says:

    My theory on the final four is that their creation is similar to a type of fishes at coral reefs. The school of fish is made up of one male fish and a group of females. If the male fish dies one of the female fishes will transform in to male form and take the place.
    My theory is that due to some circumstances some humans will undergo a transformation to cylons as the final four did.

  4. sungoddess says:

    I just posted a similar comment in the Battlestar Galactica forum on on Saturday after the premiere:

    I too believe that the 13th Colony and the Cylons are linked. I also think — and have theorised in this forum previously — that what is human and what is Cylon is not as clear cut as we think and the distinctions between what is human was a choice made 3000 years ago.

    Maybe what is called humanity in BSGs Universe, is in fact an evolved race of Cylons. You have to ask, “who really are the Lords of Kobol?” What was so different about them that they were elevated to the status of Gods? Who was the God who wanted to be elevated above them all and so instigated the first Exodus?

    Think about “The Eye of Jupiter” and Saul Tighs departed right eye.


  5. tinks says:

    Because of the similarities in the names, I’m always tempted to find connections between Tigh and the blind “seer” Tiresias. How it works, I don’t yet know, but I’ll make it work somehow, dammit!

    And, yes. The 13th colony, the Lords of Kobol… these particular cylons are far older than we’ve been led to believe – of that I’m convinced. The demarcations between human and machine seem arbitrary, and are blurring steadily as more is revealed.

    So I’m late with the podcasts and am doing some catchup. Sue me. 🙂

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