David Weddle On The Cylon “Plan” And Starbuck’s Destiny

BSG supervising producer -- and Friend of GWC -- David Weddle interviewed with SyFy Portal today, offering some insight into how Starbuck's now-famous mandala rose from apartment art to major plot point. In short: Weddle and partner Bradley Thompson picked up on it when re-screening Valley of Darkness during research for Rapture. They then decided to add it to the temple in Eye of Jupiter and "build it into her backstory" in Maelstrom.

Though Weddle says "nothing is nailed down until the final episode is written, shot, and edited," readers hoping for an complex Cylon "plan" need not worry. In the interview Weddle also cites Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as paving the way for BSG's large story arcs and dark nature.

Will they reach Earth, SyFy Portal asks? "You already know the answer to these questions. It's all right there," Weddle says. "Just examine every episode closely and the truth will emerge. Or break out a magnifying glass and go over that Last Supper photo one more time. Ron Moore laid it all out for you."

Battlestar Galactica Plan Subject To Change [SyFy Portal]

2 Responses to "David Weddle On The Cylon “Plan” And Starbuck’s Destiny"
  1. Audra says:

    I would consider this a spoiler, so be warned, but EW has an interactive page where you can view a nice high-res version of the BSG Last Supper (no zooming) with hints from Ron Moore on some of the key images in the photo:


  2. SG1 says:

    Ok, I have a slight issue with the DS9 paving the way thing……DS9’s story arc borrowed *heavily* from Babylon 5. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I’m just saying they should give credit to the proper place.

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