TV Squad Nabs Caprica Prequel Details

Though some would consider these spoilers -- if very minor ones -- the folks over at TV Squad caught a casting call for the upcoming BSG prequel Caprica, and it gives a pretty good indication of how the show will proceed. We'll leave it up to you whether you click the link below, but here's the basics: the show will indeed deal with the Adama family, the creation of the first Cylon, and mono vs. polytheistic religion.

Caprica Casting Info Revealed [TV Squad] [via]

2 Responses to "TV Squad Nabs Caprica Prequel Details"
  1. suzanne says:

    i just read this and now wish i hadn’t…for the spoilers i mean…
    can’t wait to see how this series turns out.

  2. Jaz says:

    I didn’t even know about this! Exciting!

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