BSG Season 4 Episode 2 Trailer

For those of you who watched the Battlestar Galactica premiere via various streaming sources, here’s the episode two trailer that followed the show as it was broadcast on SciFi. Heady stuff, isn’t it?

If you’d like to discuss it in detail, join us in our S4.E02 Pre-Show thread over on the forum. We’re already tearing it apart for details!

S4.E02 Pre-Show [GWC Forum]

3 Responses to "BSG Season 4 Episode 2 Trailer"
  1. Dave says:

    Brother Skeev is in a bit of trouble

  2. Stephanie says:

    WTF? Didn’t get THIS up here in the north on the SPACE channel. Might be important, hellooooo?

    I was wondering what GWC was talking about, with the raiders being sentient…

    Yeesh, we can smoke pot and gay people can marry, but we can’t have descent trailer?!! What up?!! Damn you CityTV!!!

  3. the ox says:

    hey i hope someone can help me i was in iraq when season 4 came out and i am pissed that i missed so much if any one has full episodes i would greatly appreciate a download. i have been a fan of the original since i was a kid.

    thanks, the Ox

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