Get The BSG Season 4 Premiere Free — Legally!

If you managed to miss the streaming premiere at noon yesterday and the broadcast premiere on SciFi last night, you're still in luck. The full-length show is available is available in two different places online -- for free!

First, you can watch the episode via's Rewind page. While you're there, don't miss all the other BSG extras including video blogs with the producers, cast, and crew.

You can also stream the episode via It's on the main page right now, but here's a direct link.

The bottom line: if you've yet to see the episode, hit up one of these sites and check it out. Right now!

One Response to "Get The BSG Season 4 Premiere Free — Legally!"
  1. legion says:

    unless you’re a non-U.S. resident…… at least space channel broadcasts it in my neck of the woods

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