Chuck Guests on Podcast411

I thought I'd mention that I guested on Rob Walch's Podcast411 podcast last week, and the new episode is up today. Rob and I chat about Galactica -- he's a big fan, too -- plus delve into how GWC started and the technical gear we use to put out the cast.

I had a great time, and it's a fun thirty-minute listen. If you get a chance, check it out.

(Thanks,, for the great CC-licensed photo.)

Chuck's Interview [Podcast411]
Direct Link to MP3 [Podcast411]

2 Responses to "Chuck Guests on Podcast411"
  1. Audra says:

    Yay, Chuck! Congrats!

  2. john b says:

    I heard this the other day, It was a great interview.

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