BSG Pizza Promotion — Confirmed?

The net's been alive with rumors of free pizza during the BSG season four premiere Friday night, and today we ran across a bit of info that seems to indicate that these rumors are -- quite true!  Our source indicated that select shops in New York and Los Angeles are participating and will indeed hand out free pies during the premiere -- provided you say the key phrase "I want to order a frakking pizza!" and are able to answer some Quizno's-style questions about the premiere.

Our informant also slipped us an updated list of participating restaurants:

In LA:

  • Asparagus Pizza (1809 N. Cahuenga Blvd.)
  • Checker Cab Pizza (750 S. Flower St.)
  • Cheeh's Pizza (2116 Hillhurst Ave.)
  • Damiano's Pizza (412 N. Fairfax)
  • Fratelli's Pizza (20929 Ventura Blvd.)
  • Lucia's Pizza (1732 1/2 Westwood Blvd.)
  • NY Pizza Pasta (11078 Santa Monica Blvd.)
  • Junior Pizza (3520 N. Figueroa)
  • Jina's Pizza (4551 Centinela Ave.)
  • Enzo's Pizza (10940 Weybum Ave.)
  • Italian Express (10845 Lindbrook Dr.)
  • Mulberry Street Pizza (17040 Ventura Blvd.)
  • Ciccero Pizza (1536 S. La Cienga Blvd.)
  • Greco's Pizza (6814 Hollywood Blvd.)

In NY:

  • Adriana (253 3rd Ave.)
  • City Pie (166 W. 72nd St.)
  • Crispy Pizza (114 7th Ave.)
  • Fat Sal's (730 10th Ave.)
  • Fat Sal's (217 W. 14th St.)
  • Freddy Peppers (303 Amsterdam Ave.)
  • Little Italy Pizza (55 W. 45th St.)
  • Maffei Pizza (686 6th Ave.)
  • Mike's Due (415 2nd Ave.)
  • Pizza Joint 2 (70 W. 71st St.)
  • Ray's St. Marks (2 St. Marks Place)
  • Stroko's 2 (1090 Amsterdam Ave.)
  • Torino Pizza (22 W. 56th St.)
  • Mariella (151 E. 60th St.)
  • Joe's Pizza (7 Camine St.)
  • Stroko's (888 10th Ave.)

I know we have quite a number of listeners in these areas, so if you get a chance, give 'em a ring and score a free pie. And drop us a line to let us know how the it goes -- we hear the pizzas might even ship in super cool "themed" boxes.

11 Responses to "BSG Pizza Promotion — Confirmed?"
  1. Dave says:

    I’m sure Larry likes Pizza! Once he…gets it into his mouth at keast! 🙂

  2. Fenatic says:

    Funny, because I always say that when I order pizza.

  3. Larry says:

    Pizzas are for People? What the frak?!

    I’m calling my lawyer, Romo Lampkin. Maybe you’ve heard of him?

  4. wilwilwil says:

    Should we expect some product placement in the episode? Here’s what I think is going down:

    The episode starts out with all the major characters sitting at the table a la the ‘Last Supper’ promotional photo. They all act stuffed and full.

    A text overlay then states: 45 MINUTES AGO

    Roslin: “Gaius Baltar, before we send you out the airlock, do you have any last requests?”

    Baltar: “Actually, I would like an order of Domino’s Thin Crust Meat Lovers pizza with an order of Cheez-E Stix and a Brownie Cake for dessert.”

    Roslin: “That sounds delightfully delicious.”

    A text overlay then states: 15 MINUTES AGO

    Everbody: NOMNomNOMNOMnomnom… (the sound of people eating 😉

    Then the action passes over until we reach the point shown at the beginning of the show.

    Roslin: “Where’d the Brownie Cake go…I didn’t get any.”

    Everbody looks accusingly at Baltar who then gets overly defensive about it and blames someone else for it.

    A discussion ensues where they all decide that it’s time to airlock Baltar. Helo disagrees for the sake of disagreeing, Baltar babbles, Head Six writhes on the table, Lee whines, Tyrol steals pizza off of Tigh’s plate, Tigh doesn’t notice, and the Admiral grumbles.

    After they airlock Baltar, Gaeda turns over the dog bowl and sees that the Brownie Cake was underneath it all along.

    Meanwhile, after Baltar is airlocked, a small transport ship (piloted by female Tibetan monks) picks him up and throws a towel over him, just in time to save him from exposure.

    The episode ends. In the extra 30 second deleted scene Starbuck reveals that she is a Cylon, the four cylons revealed in the Crossroads pt.2 admit that they are cylons to the fleet, an impressive space battle between the cylons and humans ensues, three basestars and a resurrection ship are destroyed, they find Earth, Romo takes over as Admiral and President, and Zarek explains that he is having visions in which he is younger and he is a VIPER pilot and married to a hot chick but he isn’t sure how it all fits in, they say “Frak” seventeen times. Caprica Six and D’Anna Biers get naked and make out. In slow motion.

  5. Dave says:

    Roslin: “That sounds delightfully delicious.”


  6. Miguel says:

    I soooo would do it if I lived in Central/West LA. The East side needs love too. 🙁

  7. Michael says:

    I wish somewhere near would do. Stupid non-Battlestar loving Maryland…

  8. gizzmogeek says:

    We are considering calling one of the NY pizza places during the show to see if they will deliver to Baltimore. Think the delivery charge might be a bit high though.

    And wilwilwil is brilliant. That was hilarious. I like the flipping of the dogbowl and of course the entire deleted scene. Loved it.

  9. Audra says:

    wilwilwil said:

    Baltar: “Actually, I would like an order of Domino’s Thin Crust Meat Lovers pizza with an order of Cheez-E Stix and a Brownie Cake for dessert.”

    And you know the Quizno’s question you’ll have to answer to get the pizza is “what was Gaius Baltar’s exact order for his last meal?”

  10. William Noetling says:

    I can CONFIRM that NY Stree Pizza on Santa Monica is participating in the deal. I just called and ordered my pizza. My question was “How long has Starbuck been gone?” The answer is 2 months. I am SOOOOO Frakking Stoked!

  11. Pike says:

    Do they deliver to Baltimore?

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