March 30, 2008

GWC Podcast #93

With just one more week to the dramatic launch of BSG season four, we complete GWC’s epic three-season re-watch with Crossroads, Parts 1 and 2. Highlights: we note how it’s finally sunk in that we get new content next week, hear Audra’s thoughts on hair bashing, love some more on Romo, question why Lee had to ask the last question (instead of leaving it alone), discover thatthe whole crew loves accents, andthrow down some last-minute quarter bets. Don’t miss our live show next weekat 10:45CTApril 4th on the blog ( for details!Â

7 Responses to "GWC Podcast #93"
  1. master1228 says:

    Sean, I totally agree with your Torre bed head feelings. I JUST made a comment in the same vein in my BSG rewatch forum post for these last two episodes.


  2. LawyerBill says:

    One question that bothered me when I first saw these episodes was why Lempkin was manipulating Lee. Lempkin told Lee stories about his grandfather etc…. But what was the purpose?

    Well, the purpose was so obvious that I did not see it the first time around. William Adama was on the jury. Lempkin knew that he would not be able to convince Wm Adama to aquit Baltar. Lempkin also knew that Wm Adama would listen to Lee, and that Lee had a chance to convince his father. That is why Lempkin wanted Lee on the defense team.

  3. Luke Rief says:

    Sean, I agree that all the religion and prophecies in BSG are real (in the BSG universe). We do see prophecies coming true in BSG (snakes=vipers, lions head nebula, map to earth) and it is all very cool. Finding out that Kobol and Earth really do exist add to the realism of their religion too. If I lived in the BSG universe, I wouldn’t have any problems believing in their religion.

    However, the point I want to make is that this is all a mirror image or parallel of the real religion of christianity. Prophecies have come true (Isaiah predicts many aspects of Jesus’ life, his last words, riding in to Jerusalem on a donkey, Peter’s denial, etc) and places in the bible actually do/did exist (Egypt, Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, etc). So, along the same line of reasoning, Christianity is a very believable religion.

    Neither have solid, tangable evidence since Jesus only walked the earth for 40 days after he rose from the dead and we still haven’t actually seen any kind of God in BSG.

    BSG is good at mirroring the real world (Iraq war, Putting Sadam on trial, Racism, Biological warfare) and their take on religion is just another one of these great parallels with the real world.

  4. master1228 says:

    LawyerBill, the other reason for Lampkin telling Lee all those stories about his grandfather was to get in good with Lee, to get Lee to think they were something almost like friends or at least get Lee to feel like he was something close to being a lawyer himself, since it seems he had wanted to be a lawyer from a young age, but in the end, followed his father’s path and went into the service instead.

    Lee was also in a unique position for Lampkin. Lampkin, as Baltar’s lawyer, automatically gains the right to discovery of all that the prosecution has on Baltar, but that doesn’t give him a direct line to either Bill Adama or President Roslyn, but Lee DOES have almost unfettered access to these two huge figures in the fleet, so making friends with Lee, who gets access almost no one else gets in the fleet allowed Lamkin to find out about Bill Adama’s possibly drunken private words to Lee about how Baltar doesn’t deserve a trial and the dirt on Roslyn taking up Kamala again.

  5. Gray says:

    Hey y’all.

    Haven’t listened yet but I’m about to get right on it! A new season is almost here!

    The Dude is abiding til then.

  6. Audra says:

    Hey Gray! Where you been?? Glad to see ya!

    Join us Friday night at 10:45 if you can for the live ‘cast!

  7. Gray says:

    Audra! hello!

    I’ll be there with bells on!


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