Ron Moore Visits Trek XI Set, Likes What He Sees

Before BSG there was Trek, and with Ron Moore, Trek was good. Now is reporting that the Galactica co-creator "wrangled a set visit" to the new Trek flick, and his (very censored) response is... quite positive.

Besides mentioning how much he enjoyed walking around a set with a Federation ship again, he also voiced his approval of J.J. Abrams and the decision to push forward in a different direction. In fact, he draws a parallel to the franchise's employment of Wrath of Khan writer Harve Bennett, who "had never seen the show," after which "they started over. They went at the costumes differently, the storytelling, the vibe of it, the style of story that they were going to do. They rescued the whole franchise. Wrath of Khan makes all the subsequent Star Trek projects possible."

All in all, Trek XI is sounding more fun by the day.

(Thanks, David!)

Ron Moore Visits Star Trek Set []

One Response to "Ron Moore Visits Trek XI Set, Likes What He Sees"
  1. Dave says:

    My pleasure! I’m hoping this will help the franchise and if RDM is into it – that just makes it that much better.

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