“Caprica” Pilot a Go for SciFi

According to Reuters, Tuesday the SciFi network told advertisers that they've approved a two-hour pilot of the BSG prequel series Caprica. While RDM and David Eick's Caprica has been in the works for two years and production will begin "this spring," no one's guessing yet at an airdate. I suspect it won't be "immediate."

Either way, I'm stoked about the series, which will take place 50 years before current Galactica events and will purportedly focus on the lives of two families -- the Adamas and the Graystones. (Perhaps the Graystones are on Starbuck's dad's side.) Wikipedia claims Caprica will depict life in the peaceful Twelve Colonies and the technological breakthrough in robotics that gives rise to...well, you know the rest.

Another set of webisodes and a BSG video game on SciFi's website are also in the works, according to Reuters. Now we know we'll have more of the Galactica universe to look forward to even after the show wraps up in 2009. So say we all!

Caprica Pilot Given the Green Light [Reuters]
Caprica TV Series [Wikipedia]

7 Responses to "“Caprica” Pilot a Go for SciFi"
  1. JadOnTV says:

    I’d like to see this done as a series of Razor-like two-hour movie events, but I don’t know if it could sustain a whole series. Then again, more Galactica is good Galactica!

  2. Laney Johnson says:

    If they don’t taylor it in a way that we can see more of the Young Adama we saw in RAZOR they are stupid. That was the best part of RAZOR. But, then again, Skiffy always overlooks the gold…just like they did with BSG until the very end when it’s coming to a close.

  3. Joe Granville says:

    I agree with the Young Adama comment. Nico Cortez gave an incredible performance in what could’ve turned out to be a joke and kind of insulting to EJO. Instead he rose to the challenge. If they aren’t going to do a 1CW series with him in the lead, they should at least work him into Caprica. They should at least do a Direct to DVD movie about Young Adama. The sets are in place, and I for one would buy it. If it is two hours of the kind of quality we saw in the miniepisodes it will SELL!!!

  4. gizzmogeek says:

    Wait… 50 years? Caprica is set only 50 years prior to current day BSG? Isn’t that timeline a tad off?

    If I’m not mistaken, the BSG Miniseries starts off with 40 years after the end of the cylon war. So they have been at peace with the cylonz for 40 years. And they have mentioned, maybe in passing, that the war itself was about 13 years long. Sooo… the war started 3 years before they even built cylonz? Or, if they are rounding, then somone invented a cylon and it rebelled and reproduced itself througout the galaxy in a week? I somehow was under the assumption that the cylonz were around for a few decades before they evolved enough to get pissed at being everyone’s bi-atch and rebelled.

    Hmm… did I miss something here?

  5. John From Monon says:

    I noticed a little tidbit tucked away in the Reuters link above that says;
    ” As for “Battlestar,” the series’ final-season premiere will debut online nine hours before it airs on TV.”
    That would imply one heck of an online frak party, I do believe.

  6. Kaley22 says:

    I was aggravated at the BSG Finale until I found this Caprica Series Detailed Review. The final five Cylons could not reveal anymore than they did because it would have blown the Caprica pilot!

    The BSG Finale makes a lot more sense after reading it.


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