March 8, 2008

GWC Podcast #90

Join the ‘crew as we dig into Dirty Hands, this week’s BSG re-watch episode. Highlights: we discuss the deep issue presented brilliantly by this episode — the relative value of self-determination versus survival — hear Chuck and Sean confirm (after ‘casting on this episode a year earlier) that they wouldn’t have reacted as calmly as Tyrol when Adama threatened his wife,questionAdama’s loss of leadership after his threats, analyze Baltar’s motives for writing his “book” and the effects of it on Tyrol and the fleet, follow Audra’s introduction to comics — and Chuck’s first read of Watchmen — clarify our stance on HHG2G and Helo’s dimness, re-visit the “geek” rant via callers, and comment on Fur Elise and garbage trucks.

2 Responses to "GWC Podcast #90"
  1. Docthanatos says:

    I appreciated the comments you had against Adama about his threatening Callie to intimidate Chief into withdrawing the strike. I disagree with you ideas of the immorality of Adama and also back to Cain shooting her first officer. First off Adama couldn’t kill chief because Tyrol is too important to the ship. You can not kill an asset like Tyrol, but you can not allow a mutiny on board during a time of war. Admiralty law allows for execution of mutineers. We shot a soldier in WWII for cowardliness as an example. Adama was smart and new that Tyrol would die for what he believed, Adama had to have the ship back and he had to have Chief back. And more importantly he had to establish that he is the absolute authority in all matters on Galactica. It is a military ship, not part of the civilian fleet and operates under different rules. Adama stressed this. He eventually showed is support of the striking civilian workers, but the military is not allowed the option of striking.

    Cain did the same thing to establish control on her ship by shooting her XO. I will absolutely concede that she over reacted, but she was within her military right to do so, and she also established her supreme authority on the ship by her actions. Her crew might have been miserable, but they followed her orders without question.

    The real problem with both Adama and Cain’s actions is that there is no military hierarchy to appeal too. You see, if the entire human race had not been wiped out the Cain would have been held accountable for her actions. She would have most likely been exonerated, but there would have been a clear chain of command to try the matter. With Adama, being as honest as he is, he himself would have turned himself in for his actions and stood trial. He ight have actually faced a court martial as his actions could be constrood as torturous. Being that our real president condones and seems to enjoy the idea of torture, Adama might have gotten off Scott free.

    I hear your anger and disgust at the actions with both Adama and Cain as you should, as any civilian should. This is why we have a civilian controlled military, to keep in check these draconian ideologies. however, I would ask you to stop looking at these situations as people who live in a free and extremely safe society, and to place yourself into a draconian system in which your survival and the survival of those around you meant your unquestioning following of orders no matter what the morality of the situation.

  2. Timbuck says:

    re: geeks vs “normal” or popular people. The last laugh goes to the geeks. 2 words: Bill Gates!

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